Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Birthday EVE Meet

Last Saturday was not only an EVE Meet day, it was also my birthday. And when I e-mailed the Montreal crew (of which only three guys are still subbed at the moment!) control was suddenly wrested out of my hands when it was announced that the meet would not be happening at the regular drinking spot. Instead, we would be going to one of my buddies place and three things were going to be plentiful: swimming pool, food, and beer. I was then e-mailed directly to be informed that I needed not worry about getting a lift. The perks of being the Birthday Boy :)

So around noon my lift arrived, we picked up another buddy, the monster supper he was going to cook, and all the required cooking gear. Oh man this was going to be epic! And guess what, it was. We arrived at the party location around noon, unloaded the car, and proceeded to have a totally awesome day. Here are a few pics: 

The Lamb Lies Down in Laval. By the next morning we had completely devoured it.  It was a few notches beyond  AWESOME !!!
Proof that this is still at heart an EVE blog :)
Are we even doing this right? UNSUB !!! Just like its online sibling, there is a learning cliff to climb,  to hang yourself on, and to get bulldozed off once you think you've reached the top. Do notice though that the Minmatar Republic (moi) was doing good... I think! After almost 1 hour we had only done 1 turn, but we needed room for...
THIS! Yes it's as awesome as it looks, and then some!
And the digestive was equally awesome, probably because it wears the female version of my name :))
So all in all this was a birthday party to remember. I must thank pilots and former pilots Cartboard Box and Unzer for the vast quantities of beer and snacks (Unz also brought the table-top games we played), Uozag for the mead and the supper fit for Kings and/or Gods, and Suletsap III for the awesome hospitality. This is a birthday party I will remember for a long long time :)

Thanks guys !!!



xmadjackx said...

Are you sure that wasn't a bird leg?

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Funny Teister !!!