Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Party on top of the world

And here we are. After about a year and a half, Reykjavik is throwing its Valhalla-sized doors wide open to receive the world - OK, a small portion of it - to talk about the Serious Business of Internet Spaceships. There will be announcements, there will be discussions, there will be loud music and there will be immense quantities of Polar Beer ingurgitated. Unfortunately because of my dramatic financial events at the end of 2010 there was no way I could make it this year but I'm keeping my hopes up for 2012. But this doesn't mean I will pout in a corner and sulk; a few of the Montreal pilots will be getting together to follow the various EVE TV streams. Something tells me we will also repeat the Beer-Pizza thing we did after my move, but it will also be something of a pre-EVE Meet because yes, this is a Montreal Meet weekend.

As I have posted in the "Events and gatherings" threads on the EVE-O forums anyone who would want to get a small feel of the Fanfest can come and join us at Brutopia and get together with a bunch of internet-spaceship-loving guys/gals (yes, we've had an ex-BRUCE female pilot once!). We may not have Polar Beer in Montreal, but Brutopia's finest will do fine. We may not have StevieSG, but the Bruto-staff is even hotter... sorry Stevie !!! :))


Kirith, I love you! Plz drive up the 417 so I can give you a big wet one :))

Seriously, blogger comrade Kirith Kodachi will be doing a reprise of the "Bring Me The Head Of Kirith Kodachi" event. If you don't know what this is here's the short version: Kirith will land a fully operational Chimera carrier at a planet in a Low-sec system and hand prizes to whoever will get the final blow, top damage, and finally Kirith's pod. There will be an attacker fleet but also a defender fleet. Having been part of the first event, I can tell you this is nothing but pure fun. Some people who are red to each other are fighting for the same side, some blues shoot at each other, Goons are Goons and shenanigans happen. All in all a great hour to spend and a great opportunity to get on a capital ship killmail. I don't know about you, but to me the only good cap ship is a dead cap ship !!! Follow the Ninveah blog and podcast for further developments.

Enjoy Fanfest anyway you can, anywhere you are!



Kirith Kodachi said...

I'm gonna have my clone in the same system this time so I can rejoin teh action after I die. Last time I ended up in deep providence with nothing but a rookie ship :P

Letrange said...

@kirith lol - mind you getting in and out of providence is probably easier than O2O is these days. I now know what REAL lag is.