Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm back... sorta!

Yes, the move is finally done, but no, I don't have my internet and TV connections yet. I get those on Thursday. And it'll be about time because I need to feed my cyber addiction :)) The move went without a single hitch; what made things a lot easier was not having a lot of big furniture to move. This meant that 1.5 hours before the U-Haul truck rental ran out we were already drinking beer and devouring pizza. I want to give a special shout-out to the following EVE pilots, without whom the move would not have been so easy: Letrange, Cartboard Box, Uozag, Unzer, Suletsap III and Si Gong. Whenever any of you guys have to move, you will have my arms!

So of course who says "no internet" also says "no MMO", and who says "moving" also says "unpacking". So take a wild guess what I've been doing. Slowly but surely my new place is starting to look livable, but I admit I took it easy over the weekend because I was way behind on much-needed Zzzz's, and yesterday I took the day off for my eldest son's 5th birthday. I did spend a little time at the computer; I played a bit of Diablo II, and when I got too tired even for that I watched a few movies. I also played with EFT a bit but this only emphasized the fact that I can't play EVE yet. Yep, it's hard to be a gamer without an internet connection these days!

Along with my internet and TV, I'm also waiting for another toy. I will be ditching my tiny and weak cell phone for one of those smartphones everyone is talking about. An HTC Nexus One if you want to know. One of my buddies has one so I got to see it in operation, but before I even get it I downloaded the *gulp* 340 page manual! Yes it will be nifty to have e-mail and web access wherever I go, with double the storage of my MP3 player, and maybe more cuz I intend to put in a roomier memory card, and also a pretty decent camera for pics and vids. But I think this phone took a page from CCP's book in terms of learning cliff. I should be used to it by summer :))

So there ya go, the quick "I'm almost back" update as I wait for my connections of various kind. Good thing I had a long skill to train up!

Fly dangerous for me plz


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