Monday, March 7, 2011

Shopping starts tonight

Now that my real-life move is done, I have my internet connection back, and my parental weekend is over, it's time to deal with the serious business that is Internet Spaceships. And although my current corp/alliance has been good to me, lately things have been a lot too quiet in both corp and alliance. The time has come to move on and find a bunch of guys who are into what I'm into, which is small-gang skirmish PvP with zero pressure. I'm sure I will find a bunch of guys/gals that are also into that among the 45-50 thousand people who log in during my play time. I'm sure there are people who care more about having fun and can laugh off getting face-raped and don't necessarily dream of ousting Pandemic Legion out of the Alliance Tournament championship throne. I'm sure there are guys/gals who don't have to join 200+ blobs and not say a single word on comms for hours on end just so a megalomaniac FC can put a sov module into reinforced mode for the second time. I'm sure there are people to fly with out there who don't dissect every fight and every fit and find something to bitch about even after a victory. Well, starting tonight I'm out to find these people and hopefully join them so I can find fun in EVE again.

Before I do anything I have to physically play with my computer because for some reason my front-side USB inputs are refusing to work. This means no comms at the moment and this just does not fly; remind me to get an analog headset just in case. Add to that the fact that I can't plug in my FCS, my steering wheel, USB keys, my MP3 player and my soon-to-arrive smartphone... yeah, gotta fix this ASAP!

The first order of business will be to get my stuff centralized because I currently have no clue where I will end up. I will also need to get some replacement rigs because my Orca can only carry so many rigged ships. I admit I fit too many ships in advance for the flying I do. My current hangar(s) looks like this: 1 Tempest (got another one but it's so deep in W-space I'm writing it off), 1 Typhoon, 2x Vagabond, 2x Rapier, 3-4x Hurricane, 2x Sleipnir (one of 'em is not moving), 4-5 various interceptors, a few assault frigs, my Cheetah, a bunch of Stabbers, and too many Rifters to count. I may simply liquidate a lot of stuff in order to move lighter.

Second order of biz, start talking to people I already know to find out how's life in their respective corps these days, how's the traffic, etc. Having been around for a few years I got to know some people left and right in areas that may be interesting for me, but I have to make sure I get the right corp because after Celine Dion there's nothing I hate more than moving.

Third order, get active in the EVE forums' recruitment threads. Flying with people you know is fun, but meeting a new bunch of buddies is also fun, especially if they're into the same thing you are into.

Yep, this should be an interesting week, and it's a good thing because with the weather Montreal is having it's an awesome time for gaming. Here's to finding the right bunch of active crazies who like me crave only explosions and zero stress. Who knows, I may pop up in YOUR in-game channel :)

Fly dammit


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