Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Black Prophecy goes open beta in Europe!

It seems that one of the two games I had given up to have become vaporware has risen from what I thought were its ashes, and I guess I just wasn't one of the lucky ones to get in on the closed beta testing of this up-coming space shooter MMO. Now, I know it's still not in open beta here in North America, but Europe is a good start I think. For those who might not know what Black Prophecy is, it is to be a free-to-play MMO space-sim along the lines of Freespace and the X-wing series, with PvE, PvP, some economics and crafting, and... *drum roll please* ships flyable via Flight Control System !!! \o/

Now, I can hear what all of the Bitter Old EVE Vets are saying. "It'll never be as good as EVE!"... "It'll be multi-sharded!"... "arena PvP?!"... "no epic fleet warfare!"... "no carebear tears!"... "no sovereignty!".

In order: "I know", "yes", "yes", "OMGWTFBLOBLAGFEST!", "oh well", and "I don't give a flying fuck about sov bullshit!". If you're into the massive 0.0 blobs and love whining about lag (you know, the one that YOUR OWN BATTLE CREATES!), stick to EVE. If you're into the most complex industrial endeavours, from the gathering of ressources to building the final products, stick to EVE. If you're into the most convoluted of market schemes and all forms of meta-gaming, again, stick to EVE. But you see, I'm into exactly none of these things. I'm not saying that EVE is bad to me, I've been over that before. But having another space game on the side that does a few things that EVE doesn't do (direct piloting is good!) and that doesn't have the things that annoy me to no end is something I'm really looking forward to. Will I actually like it? Kinda hard to say without having had the chance to try it yet. Will I hate some aspects of it? Most assuredly because no game is perfect. But I do want to give it the shot that it deserves because I personnally think that having one company maintain a monopoly on MMO space games is bad. Very bad.

Here's to hoping North America gets to try BP soon... and let's leave the "soon™" to CCP !!!

GJ Reakktor, now let's see what kind of flying you can deliver!


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Anonymous said...

Having been one of the people in closed beta and further invited into the European open beta (even though I'm from N.A.) I can attest to the tremendous promise BP has. That said, it actually could use a bit more EVE in it to give it the persistent living universe EVE has.