Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Two years until Apocalypse...

Or Armageddon, or Ragnarok, or Judgement Day, or whatever else your religion calls it. So now's the time to buy that mansion you've always wanted, that sweet Lamborghini Murcièlago LP670-4 SV, that Learjet, etc. Am I serious? Well of course not! I just had to find a way to open my blog on this winter solstice. I do take a bit more seriously this wayward rock called Apophis that's supposed to pass us by in 2029, and even more seriously the "keyhole" it's supposed to go through. But enough depressing thoughts for now; if our time comes, it'll come, and if I know in advance that it's coming I'll probably celebrate the event with a Magnum bottle of La Fin du Monde :))

On to EVE business. Because of a really fun impromptu get-together with the Montreal EVE pilots, I had a massive hang-over on saturday so I didn't feel like doing any space travel. Sunday was a bit better but I was still in couch potato mode, and I wanted to get out to see Tron: Legacy. I loved it by the way; if you're looking for a movie with a deep story and you're not really into sci-fi to begin with, this movie is not for you. If you're like me and you're more interested about having your eye balls cook in their sockets, then by all means go see it in Imax 3D... a regular movie screen just isn't big enough! I was glued to the movie from start to finish, and even the credits are cool to watch.

But back to EVE, all I did over the weekend was one skill flip and a couple missions, one on Saturday proving me that "3D environments + hang-overs = bad", and one yesterday. But they've made me come to a conclusion: the Noctis saves a crap load of time and allows to make a lot more ISK, at least in my case. Sometimes I would skip salvaging missions because it was just too tedious for the amount I'd receive, but now I can salvage really quick and then go on to other things. I don't yet know if these ships will be included on the "to suicide-gank" list at the next Hulkageddon (it is an ORE ship after all) but at least the ship does the job it's meant to do in a brilliant fashion.


"WTF is this?" you ask. It stands for "Bring Me The Head Of Kirith Kodachi". Some time later this winter, my fellow blogger Kirith will be celebrating his 2000th blog post and 6 years of blogging. And when Kirith is in a festive mood he celebrates by giving away free stuff! But this time he's putting a twist on it: at a yet unannounced date and time, in a yet unannounced Low-sec system (methinks Amarr regions...), Kirith will cyno his Chimera at a planet and will be gank bait for 30 minutes. Prizes will go to whoever gets the final blow, whoever does the most damage, everyone on the pod mail (fit a SeBo!), and whoever returns Kirith's popsicle carcass back to him. And if Kirith survives the 30 minutes he keeps his stuff; I say he doesn't survive 15!

So do I intend to get a shot at Kirith's sweet loot? Yessiree Bob! Of course it won't be a walk in the park as word will probably spread like wild fire and all of Kirith's readers and their buddies will want a crack at him. And I'm sure he has Carrier V and Triage V or something. Plus with a whole bunch of people coming from a whole bunch of corps and alliances, mayhem will most definitely ensue (yay!). I've been on exactly 4 capital ship killmails (3 carriers and 1 dreadnought) but I must admit that those were pretty fail-fit, and the first carrier and dread were in the same humongous cluster-fuck of lag in my BOZO n00b days. No, Kirith is a true-blue carrier pilot and he'll be a tough nut to crack. But whatever happens one thing is certain: there will be quite a light show for the fictitious inhabitants of that planet. And I suspect that there might be a few Titans showing up to DD the Chimera to bits. Yep, this will be pretty awesome! Thank you Kirith for providing such an awesome event, and may you have many more years of EVE blogging. Now, are you doing the same thing with the Wyvern next time? :))

Fly hard, and kill caps


Edit: I've just read that apparently Apophis is no longer a threat, according to JPL. But who knows about other yet-to-be-discovered rocks....?

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