Thursday, December 16, 2010

Friday's Electric Lunch Hour - 2010/12/17

Lemmy Kilmister is just about the same age as my dad, but damn does he rock a shit-ton more! A while ago when some guy decided to camp our wormhole and pop a few expensive ships, the dude mailed me the lyrics of Hall & Oates "Private Eyes"... I answered him with these lyrics >:)

And the tune fits perfectly with what happened tonight in EVE. Once again I decided to hit the near-by Low-sec pipe in the search of something to blow up, and if anything it was deader than yesterday. But instead of flying towards Old Man Star I flew towards the place where I knew something would be happening, the hellhole known as Amamake. And it didn't take me long to find some fun. The second belt I land in a Bellicose is waiting for something... so I made sure his waiting was over! This being Amamake, it's not even worth waiting out the criminal aggro so I look for more targets. A few belts later I start a dance with a Rifter, which could be dangerous if he got under my guns but I made sure he didn't, but just before he bought the farm a Jaguar warped in at a perfect angle and HE got under my guns. I scratched his armor but alas, that was it for my Stabber. But the evening was far from over...

After getting back to HQ I reshipped in a Wensley-approved Rifter and headed to the infamous Mya-Gerper constellation. 2 in local, this could be promising. First belt, nothing. Second belt though, a shuttle of all things is sitting at the belt warp-in... ok that's weird, but the good guy in me hesitates. All of a sudden a Vexor warps in at about 30 from the warp-in point right on a rock. the shuttle finally wakes up and bugs out, and this time even if it's something of a long shot, I warp down next to the Vexor and blow the crap out of him. OK, that was too easy. But when I see The Fit, hilarity takes over !!! I have no clue what this dude was thinking... but I'm thinking that he WASN'T thinking.

Kids, please don't try this at home. Flying dangerous is safer than mining :))


PS: Do not comment about the killboard prices. We know.

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