Monday, October 25, 2010

One bad weekend

No, this has nothing to do with EVE, even though the weekend started weird when I found an Angel deadspace complex called Angel Vigil that was tougher than any L4 mission I had done before. 6 warp-outs later I finally finished it, and all I got out of the complex boss was some Arch Angel ammo, a Domination tag, and a meta4 nanofiber module. Whoopty fuckin' doo. I didn't bother to salvage the thing because I was too pissed off. And that's pretty much where my EVE weekend ended. Read on.

On Saturday morning I get up on the late side as this is my weekend without my boys. My eyeballs are still not aligned with the sockets when the phone rings. It's my ex, with grim news. At 4AM my ex and my boys had rushed to the hospital because my youngest boy, Timothée, was having a nasty asthma attack. So of course I have to go pick up Léandre who is not sick to make sure he doesn't catch something nasty; hospitals tend to have sick people. So as the saying goes, there goes my weekend. I also had to miss the Montreal EVE Pilots Meet which for once was visited by a few of ASMIC's uber industrials, the Wyldfyre family. Yep, the stars were extremely out of wack this weekend.

Yesterday night I did get on EVE if only to jump back to my implants because I don't know when the situation will resolve itself. So if I do get on it will be for a mission or two because I may have to stop at any instant. And starting Thursday is the official parental weekend, but with a break on Saturday night because I've been invited to go see Experience Hendrix. This should lighten things up quite nicely!

Get well soon Tim, I want to see you tear my place apart again :)



Anonymous said...

That sucks man, I hope the fam gets better soon!!

Per your complex fiasco, did you destroy the structures in the final room? Typically the boss doesn't drop anything that great, but the structures drop the good stuff. I did a DED level: 4/10 Gurista Outlook last night and the final communications tower dropped a can with Pithum-C type mods, a shield booster and a couple hardeners. Cool 400 Mill.

Anyways, just wanted to make sure you're going after the structures. Cheers!

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Yep I blew everything up, not only in search of loot, but it also made some nice screenshots and it was a good way to vent my anger at wasting 2 hours for about 5m ISK.

This complex sucked the bags.