Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday's Electric Lunch Hour - 2010/10/22

I discovered Archive after seeing the video for "Again", and rushed out to get the CD to hear the rest, and fell in love with this little known band with Pink Floyd-ish inspiration. The tune "Fool" puts me in the mindset of driving on empty roads at early morning hours.

On the EVE front: things have been a tad slow at MAPU this past week, and maybe in all of AMC as well. Bad timing I guess. I did go out on a long solo roam on Wednesday night where I went from Heimatar Low-sec to Forge Low-sec, and then to Russian space in Etherium Reach, then back to Forge towards Metropolis, then into Molden Heath, with a side trip in Great Wildlands. I was first flying a Taranis but not far from home I met a -10 Rifter pilot. He had just docked up but he has seen me. He undocked right away and a fight ensued. I lost the Taranis, but it came down to the last bits of structure. Being late on pulling out drones against a character 2 years older than Coz was a mistake. Oh well :)

I then reshipped into a Rifter of my own and went on the long roam. I was very quiet. I did steal a shuttle kill from an artillery fit Hurricane. I had seen him previously and had landed one shot that had halfed my shields. I jumped out and saw the shuttle jump in just as my session timer had ended. Knowing that all the gates were bubbled I followed it in warp hoping to snag it, and now that I knew how the Cane was fit maybe get myself a juicy kill. I got the shuttle which got me a "WTF dude?!?!" in Russian, and as I started arcing towards the Cane at high transversal speed, he couldn't hit me and obviously didn't have drones. Unfortunately for my juicy kill project he warped off before I got into scram range. Ah well

So here's to more of this over the weekend. Fly dangerous!


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