Wednesday, April 7, 2010

First experience with Sovereignty Warfare...

...and hopefully the last. Because my new alliance wants a few systems to operate out of in Null-sec, and because we do have a decent capital ship roster and also have a nice set of blues, I have participated in my first ever ops to take sovereignty in EVE Online. I understand that this is necessary for the alliance's goals, but the ressources in time, ISK, and equipment to do sov warfare are nothing short of absolutely ridiculous. I don't know if it was as bad in the POS spamming days before Dominion but if some players see this as the "End Game" content I simply see it as more reason to never put a single ISK penny into a capital ship, unless I've maxed out all the skills from T2 battleships on down; hell I'll even train industrials before I even consider a carrier or a dreadnought! Oh, seeing a couple titans and supercarriers for the first time on TQ was all fine and dandy, and it seriously helped speed up the sov module reinforcement process, but to think that some people have spent more time at this over the last few days than I have spent at my regular day job... sorry guys this shit is just fucking WRONG !!!

One look at the Dock 94 killboard would tell you right away where the action is happening so I won't pussyfoot around it: we are in Providence. NRDS? Please... I'm an ex BOZO! I adhere more to the "if it moves shoot it" philosophy. I also laughed my head off every time I came across some Amarr god worshipper who copy/pasted his NRDSness in Local in a vain attempt to evade The PvP; I usually don't think much of religious fanatics in real life so imagine my view on religious fanatics who worship gods from a gaming universe! But to come back on the original subject of this post, I completely understand why the sov bashing has to be done, but if it turns into something that has to be done over and over again, or if it gets so expensive I have to leave my own tiny 2-man corp to join a bigger, richer one just to keep a handle on a tiny bit of sovereignty, then fuck that, I'll go find my prefered form of The PvP somewhere else. On the opposite side, if this is just something that's a complete pain in the ass to do right now but once done we can almost forget about it for a good while and get on with more easy-going activities from a bit of ISK-making carebearism to roaming PvP, and we can know that the home systems are in relative safety, then cool, I can live with that.

My only experience even remotely linked to sov warfare were the POS bashes against clowns who thought pitching a tent in AMC's backyard would be a good idea; the first time everyone was nervous like teen girls on prom night, but nowadays the trespassers would be welcome to try with nothing short of glee. But that is only against a single tower. But having to deal with Infrastructure Hubs, TCUs and stations spread over a few systems, not even a full constellation... damn! I guess I'm not hardcore/crazy enough. Maybe it would be more interesting with hot drops and counter hot drops, but at some point it would turn into a gigantic space brawl where survival is nothing but a lottery. In an old-school space shooter where a determined squadron of small ships could cripple, if not kill, a capital ship, that would actually be a whole lotta fun. But in EVE when you get into the hundreds of ships, with 5 to 10 times that amount in drones, fighters and fighter-bombers, you also get lag ranging from a barely manageable 20 frames per second to 1 frame per 5 minutes to the Black Screen of Uselessness. Yeah, great fun.

I've said before that I would not participate in blob warfare and as is stands right now I'm coming uncomfortably close to this. Here's to hoping all goes to plan and doesn't have to last longer than it already has to so I can go back to my favorite activity, which is flying dangerously with the intent of killing anything that shows up in my overview, red or neutral.

To all Amarr RPers, let me quote Mr Trent Reznor:

"Your god is dead, and no one cares. If there is a Hell, I'll see you there."

Fly deadly



manasi said...

As it stands right now Sov is FUBAR...many reasons but actually cost it the least of them. Screwy timers, missed reinforcement, only freighters carry Ihub's...the list goes on...welcome to the deep end of the lake bro...if a fucking wicked drop off :)

OkamiKurai said...

Quoting songs and all I got one more for you:

"...that numb, black screen that be feelin' like home" - Rage Against the Machine 'Calm like a Bomb'

Never thought I'd use Rage to describe current null warfare. I kinda thought everyone took a timeout with these lag and other issues. But from what I have been reading, that just ain't the case.

Is is that the inevitable ass-kicking is in its final stages, and some are making land grabs - or more like CVA found some lube so now they're kinda gettin' off on it?? ^_^

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I wouldn't know; I have zero intention of become an authority on on Sov information :)