Sunday, April 25, 2010

Always on the move

"You know things are bad when a player leaves a 0.0 alliance to join essentially a carebear alliance and gets better PvP right away!"

- Letrange

This may sound a bit weird but it's pretty much what happened to me. No offense to any Chaos Theory members who may be reading this, but from my point of view things just didn't work out in Providence. Sure the weeks prior to the official start of the "Ciao CVA" campaign things were looking good, with camps and roams to keep the PvP senses honed. And then AAA gave the green light and all Hell broke loose for the so-called Holders. There was much action as sovereignty modules had to be first put into reinforced mode and then blown up, space had to be patrolled, and assets had to be moved in. Sovereignty got switched in systems left and right, the last CVA station went down to a fully Minmatar fleet, and all was beautiful in the universe. For all of one day.

Before leaving for work the next morning I decide to fit a few ships, but Lo and Behold, the fitting service is dead. Awesome. If I would've been on the enemy side I would've done just the same to piss off the enemy. But here's the bad thing about the Chaos Theory systems: they are very spread out. Fitting a single ship became a pain in the ass. Furthermore, it seemed that the drive to take some sovereignty had quieted down a tad because not only were the stations not being fixed, but finding someone to fly with in eastern prime time was getting harder and harder. The last nail in the coffin for me was last Thursday, when a new PvP corp was to be added to the alliance to jump-start activity, and with this corp is supposed to be an old veteran from the Beta days, with supercap access, oodles of accounts, and a nasty foul mouth. That I can deal with, but as I have said before, the next joker to start barking orders would have that bark right back at him, and it came pretty close to that after I had lost a Hurricane, at least in an honorable way. When the unmentioned newcomer started saying things about people not flying what they're supposed to and losing BCs flying solo, I told him straight: you're not happy about my BC loss, you tell it to my face. I was looking for trouble on purpose, found a bit too much, died. Big. Fucking. Deal. I didn't push further as it would be in-constructive but then spent a couple hours hearing about his plans. At the same time a 10-man red BS+support fleet had decided to start shooting at another station, and me and some other guys decided to form up a defense fleet. There were 55 in alliance... we got 5 people in the fleet even after spamming the alliance channel, at 10PM Eastern. Hear this? it's the sound of the last nail hitting the coffin. Goodbye Chaos Theory, thanks for the kills, and good luck evading the fail-cascade.

I spent the next evening gathering my better ships together at my real-life friend's POS, sold the rest, and started looking at my options. I did think about joining the reds but being branded as a turn-coat doesn't sit well with me. I thought of knocking at Noir's door but I know these guys probably have BOZO-style discipline and I'm looking for something more casual... shout-out to Alexeyev Karrde who flew with us prior to Hell Week, and to Mynxee who has my vote in the upcoming elections! So I turned Skype on and called AMC CEO Letrange and asked how things were, and gave news about my own activities, or lack thereof. AMC is a tad short on combat pilots but is working on that, so I informed him that he can have a couple more. Let doesn't want more corporations so I will be leaving my 2-man corp along with my buddy Si Gong and we'll both become part of Let's own ChaosStorm Corporation. Dock 94 will remain alive for our alts.

The decision made, I get to AMC's PvP op HQ and got in a training fleet ran by fellow Montrealer Havegun Willtravel, and started roaming the Heimatar Low-sec corner. We had 7 Jihad cruisers plus my Claw, and a few jumps later, this happens. I couldn't have asked for a better Welcome Back party than this!

Just prior to this, I had phoned my buddy Si Gong to inform him of the upcoming changes because he's been without internet access lately. At the same time he asked me to complete the training for his Orca, which I then proceeded to pick up. It was quite an operation because it was 2 jumps into Genesis Low-sec, and I have very little experience dual-boxing. but the Orca is now safe in Rens, and I did Si a favor by fully fitting it, small payment for me using it to move some assets to AMC HQ. The Orca is an awesome ship. At some point I will have to break down and have Cozmik train for it. But as I was discussing with Havegun here's an idea for CCP: how about a combat version of the Orca, a combat deployment vehicle usable in Hi-sec? It sure would be fun to not have to train the mining skills I'll never use :)

So there you go. A new start once again but this time I'm pretty sure it's for good. there's nothing like having corp and alliance mates you know in real life. One is good, but five is better.

Don't wait for stuff to happen... FLY!



Kirith Kodachi said...

Yeah, I know we've been hitting the station in AY-24I pretty hard since Chaos Theory moved in.

On friday night a Rorqual undocked and got out of docking range while me and another red were in system. I tackled it and called for reinforcements but a large red gang came through before we could hit it hard.

Good times.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

A large red gang, eh? I guess the whipping is having an effect. But I react very badly to whips :)