Friday, April 16, 2010

Bye Bye CVA & Coz's Garage

Well it has finally happened, CVA has been shown the door in Providence, and the once NRDS region is now turning into one of the best places for skirmish warfare The PvP. Of course, we still have to deal with CVA bed buddies Paxton Federation (hi Kirith!) who seem to enjoy out-blobbing enemies 5-to-1, camping stations, and shutting down station services... all the things I absolutely love about EVE. Yeah, right! The downside is that my alliance seems to be more active in late Central to Pacific times, as well as Australian; gotta give a shout-out to Van Diemen's Demise corporation as they've been doing an awesome job fighting outnumbered at the weirdest times right around down time. So that means that in my play time, say from 2300 to 0200 evetime, things are rather quiet and space can be a dangerous place. I'd love to play later but getting up at 5-5h30 AM to get ready for work sucks the bags. I could get up later but I'm slow to start up :)

So with things being a bit quiet on my side - a change in parental duties means no EVE every other weekend again - let's go with the current blogging flavor of the month, "What do I have in my hangar?". Here goes:

Ships in Null-sec at the moment

  • Tempest (Shambler IV): complete with 1400mm guns and Tremor ammo, I could call this the Clear Skies fit!
  • Hurricane (Instagib): my main ride these days, she does everything from gate camps to cap ship support, even Sansha extermination. She's using a ganky nano fit called VagaCane by Cerui Tarshiel; flies like a Vaga, only 100 million ISK cheaper :)
  • Vagabond (Packard Goose): 100 million ISK more than the previous ship but it's The Original. And Let was right, this thing has "r3dfiv3" written all over it >:)
  • Broadsword (Fugu II): when the enemy absolutely needs to stick around and die. It is sporting the official BOZO fit which makes the tank.... tanky; in a Class 3 pulsar system with Claymore gang-boosting we're talking over 230 thousand EHP. Ya.
  • Stiletto (Facehugger): it's the fleet tackler described in my last post. Thanx for the comments BTW :))
  • Claw (GV27): this is my "fly dangerous" ship, as described in my bookmarking guide.
  • Taranis (Rapist): in a moment of complete fail, I had the thing shipped down to 0.0 but didn't bring any modules for it. Bravo. Its twin brother is all fit and sitting in Low-sec. It's the 250+ DPS rape fit.
  • Rupture (Sheik Yerbouti): Allah is great. I have 5 of these ready to sacrifice themselves in Allah's holy name. I also had 2 Thoraxes for the same purpose but last Tuesday was an all-around bad day.
  • Rifter (Headcrab): same purpose as above, only tacklier and cheaper.

Ships still in Empire

  • Sleipnir (The Slip): my current money-maker. Tanks and hits like a battleship but handles like a BC. Gotta love that!
  • Hurricane (Swiss Cheese Maker): dual-repping omnitank fit, she's built to do Class 1 sleeper sites. Haven't tried it since I got BC 5 so it should rock even more :)
  • Jaguar (Meow): when a wanna-be ninja piwat wants to fuck with me, I fuck with him right back! Sorry, the fit is classified >:) I should bring one to 0.0...
  • Nemesis (Highly Visible): typical bomber but useless as I don't have the bomb skill. I should fix that! I use the Gallente bomber because the Hound looks like shit.
  • Cheetah (Anal Probe): another one I should bring to 0.0 ASAP.
  • Dramiel (WFO): built with one thing in mind: OMFGWEEEEEEEE!!!11  It doesn't even have guns in order to reduce drag... LOLZ

And that's about it. My ship roster is pretty simple and I like it that way. Two I would really like to add to my little collection would be a Cynabal and eventually a Machariel. I'm reserving this for my Minmatar/Gallente Battleship V celebration, so I should have the time to amass the ridiculous amount of ISK necessary to buy one.

Have a nice weekend and fly dangerous for me plz :)


Edit: ship names added.


Kirith Kodachi said...

*shakes fist*

As for PXF out-blobbing everyone? We are seriously surrounded on all sides by reds. Fortunately those reds mostly aren't working together LOL

See you in space!

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

OK, maybe not everyone... but as I said last Tuesday royally sucked for me.

See you out there :)

Anonymous said...

why do C1 wormholes? A dual rep cane should be able to solo C2's fine. Of course, the money is a ton better in a C3, but I've yet to see a cane fit that can solo one.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Why? For the fuck of it. I very rarely do them. I'd rather kill awakened capsuleers than sleepers :)