Thursday, October 29, 2009

So WTF were you thinking Coz ?!

I’m pretty sure that this question has popped up in the minds of some of the people I know in EVE, and to put this already beaten horse to rest I’ll do my best to explain myself here. It will also be easier for me to explain to someone asking me questions about my decision by giving a link to this blog post than going into the big convo that I’ve already been through a few times.

Before I start, and to keep from repeating myself, please read the last post I wrote because this is where it all begins. EVE had lost a lot of its flavor for me, so did BOZO, I wanted to do other things both in and out of EVE, add on a stupid noobish ratting death followed by a well-criticized interceptor death, and all of a sudden I felt like I just had to do something to justify me paying 15$ USD a month for a game that was starting to taste like an over-chewed stick of Beeman’s gum; bye-bye Curse, bye-bye BOZO, so long and thanks for all the frags.

Minutes before I turned in my roles I did something that everybody gets asked when they feel like qutting and that nobody thinks about doing because they are too attached to their pixel-powered spaceships earned with much effort and tons of virtual money. I opened the corp hangar and dumped in everything but my Vagabond loaded with a full tank of Barrage M. Curious to see the ship list? I feel no shame in that. Here goes : Tempest, Broadsword, Deimos, Myrmidon, Sabre, Nemesis, Taranis x2, Claw x2-3, Stiletto x2-3, Thorax x-many, Rupture x-many, Rifter x-many, and an obscene amount of modules, drones and ammo. Am I flat-broke after this? Not at all, but then again ships don’t die as fast anymore, even with some PvP. Look at it this way, I saved the logistics pilots a lot of jump fuel! And why did I do this? For a few reasons : first, those ships were meant to die in combat, and were already close to various battlefields, and second, I wanted to make a point that I was truly leaving BOZO. I see a lot of people that seem to leave and rejoin corps 3, 4 and 5 times and I would not be labeled as one of those indecisive pilots. « But you could have sold ‘em! » you say. Fuck it. I hope BOZO uses ‘em well.

« But why did you leave a well-established PvP corp? » do you ask. Simple : because to me it wasn’t fun anymore. On the opposite of the funny side of BOZO we all get to hear in the BOZOKasts, there’s a very serious drive to succeed in this corp, and pilots who perform sub-par will be expected to get better reasonably quick, leave, or get booted out. Don’t get me wrong though. When you strive to be one of the best PvP entities in EVE you need to do this; I have no idea how Pandemic Legion does business but I’m pretty sure they’re very tight on discipline to have won those tournaments. But as a casual player who wants to have fun in the time that I can log on, this is not for me. PvP can and will go wrong from time to time, but if even winning is not fun anymore because so-and-so did something wrong then what’s the point. Yes, this is where all BOZOs can call me a faggot, tell me to catch A(H1N1) and die, tell me that they gang-banged my sister and planted their seed in my mother’s womb, but that’s all good. I even expect it! To PL, just watch yourselves if these well-endowed crazies ever make it to the Alliance Tournament because they may smoke up your bombs like cheap weed and fold you up like a nice little cock-shaped origami!

« So what are you gonna do now? » is usually the next question. Well, as my blog header mentions I have formed my own 1-man/3-char corp called Dock 94 (remember, huge Star Wars fanboy here) which will probably recruit one other member if my noob buddy Si Gong can manage to subscribe and reactivate his account. D94’s RoE can be described as NBSIYFLI : Not Blue Shoot If You Feel Like It. And my new killboard can attest that I have been putting this RoE to effect with some success. The first PvP op to blood Si Gong was a bust as an old A4D buddy Bullmastiff managed to single-handedly destroy our 3-man gang, but after this it’s been 3 kills in a row with my first Low-Sec solo kill (DED complex in Olfeim : do NOT go there solo in a Thrasher!), a second-hand Caracal (we engaged in Low-Sec, I warped off wounded, but a Triumvirate Vaga finished him off), and a Remedy Claw in 0.0 Syndicate as I was blooding yet another pilot to PvP in a 2-man EWAR-inty gang, which we both came out alive from. GJ to Carbon Freezer who did a great job flying his Kitsune :) I’ve also received invites from one pirate corp and one 0.0 corp, but right now I’m in no hurry to join a pre-established entity. There has been some talk of forming an alliance with nothing but solo corps but there’s nothing official yet.

I’ve also started doing some non-PvP related activities. I’ve always been interested in exploration so those related skills will be polished. With Dominion just around the corner there will be the Speed Boat missions, and because I’m a speed freak I want to do those, but to make sure I can I need standings. So off missioning I go; I know, scary shit! And finally I’ve been looking into the EVE racing leagues. I have even had an offer of sponsorship for the ships I will use to race with the only catch that the sponsor gets to name my ship… now THIS is scary shit !!!

And finally, out of EVE, I have reconnected with my love of flying after re-installing Flight Simulator 2004, my Saitek X52 FCS, and downloading an ungodly amount of aircraft of all sizes and speeds, sceneries, terrain meshes, tools, etc. One thing I need to do in the short term is to drill some holes in my desk so I can bolt on the FCS, but what I’d really like to do once my basement is cleared up of toys, furniture and debris, is build myself a sim cockpit… I haz blueprint :)) It’s a very simple design that’s portable, customizable, and can also be used as a car racing and battlemech piloting cockpit. As CCP says so well, soon™ :) This cockpit will also be very useful if/when I start playing Black Prophecy or Jumpgate. I need to re-install Combat Flight Simulator 3 and some good old space sims because I haven’t been in a dogfight in ages. But at least I can confirm that I can still land planes !!!

Phew! That was a lengthy one :))

Fly safe, fly dangerous, but fly for yourselves first!



Dante Edmundo said...

Sounds like your taking action instead of wallowing in indecisiveness. Good for you.

Letrange said...

Actually the racing league sounds like it will be right up your alley :P

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

@Let: of that I don't think there's any doubt... it's the ship-naming part that I'm afraid of :)

Anonymous said...

When I left Neo Spartans, I did the same thing you did. I donated all my stuff save for one ship that I flew out of the system.

I needed a change, found it in Ushra'khan and I have been happy ever since. I do hope that things work out for you and you find that place as well.

Take care mate!!

Spectre said...

If I ever left my corp, this is what I would do:

(1) I would schedule a frigate op on our forums. Then when it occurred I would warp everyone to a safe spot while I was flying a disco-Domi and kill/pod every one of them.

(2) I would clear out the corp wallet and hangars.

(3) I would send a corp-mail telling everyone that they are cocksuckers and that they can eat my shit.

That's just me though. You method works too :)

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...


This, my friend, is why you were going to have my vote! Now who can I vote for wh owill be as colorful?

Kirith Kodachi said...

Good luck man! Drop by Provi some time, we'll dance. ;)

Latro said...

The beauty of a game like EvE = all the different play modes. Enjoy the change and welcome to the rest of the game!! Fly un/safe!