Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some screenies from Supercap Fest

The Supercap testing is now over and done, and I consider myself lucky to have been able to log on to Sisi on Friday when it started. To say Sisi got overloaded is an understatement. So I found out that my theory on capital ships is still totally correct: unless I've trained up everything else in the game (including mining, industry, trade, social, and other oddity skills), which would be in about 25-30 years apparently, there is no way in Hell I'm putting my pod into one of those fat lazy bitches. Sorry if I offend any carrier, dread, mom ot titan pilot; your ships are big and bad and do a world of damage, but they are exceedingly boring to fly. Aligning to a point in space for 30 seconds is just not for me.

That said though I did use the opportunity to try supercaps, and yes, the complete mess in FD-MLJ was a quite a sight, if a bit laggy. The downer was there wasn't any graphics to the new Doomsdays; quite disappointing because i really wanted to see an Anime-style rush of mad missiles pouring out of my Ragnarok. The new fighter-bombers are pretty cool though, even though the chances of me seeing them are very slim unless we find a stray supercarrier to kill. Here are some screenies:

Ever wanted to know why Titans don't dock? This is why.

'Scuse me... 'scuse me...

One of the stars of Dominion...

...and each dot is a mini XL torpedo that they shoot...

...and I don't care what universe you're from, THAT FUCKING HURTS !!!

But in the end, the only good titan is a dead titan :))

A few words about those three Wyverns that popped me: these three guys knew what they were doing. They were set up as Remote-repping and cap-transfering and they were easily tanking the DDs, and not just from my Ragnarok. Usually camp tactics on Sisi gets boring, but what they were doing was really impressive. They're obviously more into cap ships than I'll ever be :))

I also took the opportunity to try my F1 ship with max skills, and screw the speed nerf and fit a full set of Snake implants; fitting implants was a first for me. I also squeezed in a T2 rig in there, loaded up a cargo hold full of nanite paste, undocked (got bumped 60 km off the station), warped to a planet, aligned to another celestial, and floored it:

It's gone plaid !!! 10842 m/s !!!!1!!1!

Yes, I know all about the stacking penalty, and in this particular case I DO NOT CARE !!! It's like when I'm driving in rFactor, I'm not happy until I break something spectacularly, and the only way to do it is by going Ludicrous Speed. And yes, there is room for improvement because I didn't have a Gistii A-type 1mn microwarp drive and Domination overdrives. I would really love to try that, and I'm probably crazy enough to do it.

Of course, I couldn't leave the lagfest without trying a Nyx:

Joe's Garage

Yes the new fighter-bomber's are nice, yes you can field a crap-ton of 'em, but with the 3 Wyverns around it didn't last long. I wanted to try a whole bunch of other ships with my set of perfect skills (426 million SP if you're wondering) but the lag was extremely horrible in the combat areas and even the client itself was flaky. There were 2 other systems where people could be moved to but i'm pretty sure the lag was just the same there. I had to go help out my noob buddy anyway so off Sisi I went.

And that's it. I can say I've tried capital ships now. Thanks very much, I'll pass.

Fly Ludicrous... it's better for your cardio


PS: BOZOKast Ep. 11 is out. Drink it in.


Latro said...

Nice shots and for those of us that could not partake a great summary of what to expect.

Unknown said...

Oh damn, I missed that... I even set up the test server all special and everything.

Stupid work.

Dante Edmundo said...

I still wonder even with the new changes to the doomsday weaponry, if Titans are worth the huge investment of ISK & Effort?

I read regular reports on how Titans are blobbed and taken down.

They seem more like a giant slug with a bullseye on its back that can be seen thousands of parsecs away.

Beowolf Schaefer said...

No matter what the jump bridge capability is a huge help for moving massive fleets around. I think they are worth it just for that.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Yeah, Titans are made to go on the field now, but they will have to watch for those RR-Mom setups. Fighter-bombers are the shit if you're into cap warfare.

Oh, did I mention in new IGB owns? :))