Monday, August 24, 2009

Hello Circus Tent !!!

Well it is now done, all my stuff, except for my Firetail, has been moved to BOZO HQ somewhere in Syndicate. And even before the courrier contracts were handled I was out there as tackler on a mini roam with some old BOZO buddies, and some new ones too. Without wanting to denigrate the work done by my previous alliance, AMC, I have to admit that I had missed this much more than I thought I did. I have also noticed that I did get rusty at flying an interceptor in fleet; sure it's like riding a bike but the chain does need to be oiled up once in a while, and my chain had to be de-gunked and re-lubed. I didn't do bad per se but I admit I was a bit slow on tackles and hitting buttons I shouldn't have, and also getting lag-bombed on a gate didn't help things, but still, getting on 4-5 killmails on my first night out isn't so bad, and yesterday night I basically had an Omen to myself with minor help from a Rapier, which means my Taranis was starting to look sort of like the one seen on this very header. I've seen worse starts!

So the reasons of why the change? It's pretty simple. I'm a PvPer who doesn't have the patience (read: lazy) to go solo looking or scanning for potential targets, and the list of things I absolutely can't stand (read: bores me to tears) is getting quite long. It's pretty easy: if The PvP in EVE wasn't as good as it is, I'd uninstall this thing and delete my character without even blinking. But when The PvP goes right and everything falls into place, EVE is just pure magic. The one event that told me "OK, I've had enough!" was when I was trying to get to a Hurricane I had left over in one of the wormhole systems we had recently moved from, the lost-and-found-again Emo Town, and one of its residents scanned down the hi-sec system entry point for me. Unfortunately he didn't stay online so while I had the system, I didn't have the location in space, so I said "Cool, I'll just scan the wormhole from the hi-sec side". The good part was that the entrance system was only 5-6 jumps away from the then-current location of our wormhole. But the fun ended right there. What followed was a nightmarish hour and a half of playing with scan probes to lock down a wormhole I knew was there, and it took me everything and the kitchen sink to finally have it at 100%. And when I warped to it and jumped, horror. No black hole. That meant only one thing: I was in the wrong system. I had wasted close to two hours scanning down the stupid thing to be rewarded with a big "Ha Ha, you fail". So Blackline Corp, I hope the Hurricane is useful; I hear they make great salvagers !!!

And of course on the Clown front there are some usual cries of "Carebear" and "Faggot", or both used together, but it's all good, I feel like I'm home again. I didn't really get to go out with a bang but I did do my best to come back in with one. So now I'll do my best to play as good as I can, shut up when I have to, and smack the crap out of my victims, and hopefully when the 30 day trial period is done I can be voted back in and be a full-on Bozo again.

Fly dangerous,



Carole Pivarnik said...

Aha, gratz!! I look forward to much more clowning around and "Clownitude" blog posts from you, sir!

Letrange said...

Mind you it must be said that before the "downtime" in AMC, you were getting burned out. On the flip side I knew from the get go that you'd be headed back to BOZO. And let's face it, you're a very specialized pilot. Very specifically gank/tackle specialist. And lord knows although we get fairly frequent PvP from the point of view of high sec pilots, from the point of view of a BOZO pilot there was practically no PvP to be had (hell, most pirates probably don't see 1/5 of the amount of PvP you're used to). So fly dangerous buddy.

jamenta said...

Hope you enjoy all the clowning around ... i heard it can be a real circus.

yuk yuk yuk

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

@jamenta: oh believe me, it is! If you want a sample, listen to BOZOKast... I just hope you'Re not easily offended :))

@Let: you can say that again. Plus the whole "let's move twice this summer" thing didn't help. Only one week to go and that nightmare will be over...

jamenta said...

oh no ... not easily offended. just easily bamb-bozo'd.

Will check out your BOZOcast.


Unknown said...

Nice to have you in corp again Coz. I'm happy I'm no longer the only blogger in town. See you in Syndicate!