Monday, August 10, 2009

20 million SP; the post that never was

As I'm slowly closing in on twenty-ONE million SP, I realize that I did not post my "State of Cozmik" article that I wanted to post just as Clown Punchers announced their little banter contest. And of course with things being extremely busy in Real Life even blogging time is at a prime so I'll take a short break before I attack the packing of my boys' clothes and toys, as well as picking up the debris left by the hurricane they made in the living room. Yep, as I mentioned before, this is not quite vacation!

So yeah, a couple weeks ago Cozmik R5 finally achieved the 20 million skill point barrier, not too long after getting the Vagabond decently skilled and rightly fitted (well to my taste; some people may tank it more than I do but mine is still a speedster), and once again it will be time to set my sights on the future and decide where I want to take the training. Right now Coz is training Medium Hybrid Turrets V because I also have Gallente Cruiser V, so when I got the HAC skill I was automatically able to fly the Deimos and Ishtar. Being a big fan of guns I want to get a Deimos first, but there's no way I'm buying one unless I can fit it right. Same with the Ishtar; I'm not getting one of these babies until I have all T2 drones with support skills trained up. I know drones are effective but I prefer guns so call me weird! After I get the Medium T2 Hybrids I will go back to training the Large T2 Projectiles for my Minmatar battleships and once that's done, I have to take a break from training new ships because I have to bump up a lot of support skills in a lot of categories. In the rush to get a newer ship or system trained up there's always something that gets put on the back-burner and I think that over the past say 6 months I've gotten my back-burner a bit too crowded so this will get straightened out.

Now, let's recapitulate the ships I've trained either completely or almost completely:

T1 frigates (Minnie V, Gal V, Caldari IV, Amarr III)
  • Destroyer V (can fly Minnie and Gal interdictors)
  • Interceptors
  • Assault Ships
  • Covert Ops (scanning skills need to get better, so do missile/bomb skills for the bomber)

T1 Cruisers (Minnie, Gal and Caldari... Amarr soon-ish)
  • Heavy Interdictors
  • Heavy Assault Cruisers
  • Battlecruiser IV (again, Amarr soon-ish)

T1 Battleships (Minnie and Gal at III... yes I need IV before I can REALLY use them) with Remote-repair capability

When I cross-trained to Gallente I did make sure I had the T2 hybrid guns and T2 drones to go with the Taranis so from there I've tried to keep the hybrids up to par with my projectiles, but I did take the short-cut of skipping missile skills; it will be quite some time before I have decently fit Caldari ships or even a good Typhoon fit, but I don't mind because those ships are just so damn ugly that I don't even want to be seen in them; seriously, Caldari designers should be shot on sight and I would bet money that the 'Phoon designer was of Caldari blood! The Amarr ships are really interesting (got toasted by Absolutions enough on Sisi) but so far I have only very basic Lazer skills so it will be quite some time before I get a Scorch-firing Zealot Of The Pink Floyd.

So after I get my support skills sorted out, as well as some important ship skills to at least IV, here are the ships I'll have left to train up for before I decide (or not) to take the Capital Ship road:

  • Electronic Attack Frigates: I may be skipping this because I'm not a huge fan. Apart from the Kitsune, I'll pass.
  • Recon Ships: probably my next expensive ship after Cov Ops skills are straightened out.
  • Command Ships: now that HAC is done, these aren't too far off. Must brush off some Leadership skills first though.
  • Strategic Cruisers: testing on Sisi showed me I can fly one of those rather quickly, but they are quite a bit more than 600 ISK on Tranquility even if my alliance makes them. I can wait.
  • T2 Battleships: I'm not a mission runner so screw the Marauder, and Black Ops are not much used. And anyway both are way too expensive. I can wait.

With that last one I guess I'll be training Battleship V for only two reasons: to get absolutely kick-ass T1 BSes, and opening the door to Capitals, even though I don't think I'll actually own one unless I get some massive money-making scheme going. I've done just enough POS operations (exactly one) to know that I absolutely hate them, and my playing schedule isn't exactly good for receiving a call at 4AM saying "get in your Naglfar, we're killing a Large POS in XX-123!". Cuz yeah, being an EVE gun-freak (I'm not one in Real Life) means I'd go to a Dreadnought before a Carrier. But even if I only have one for station spinning, a dread would be a cool ship to have because it would mean that all the smaller ships below it are trained up to the max, and who knows, maybe I'd be lucky and have a Mothership to shoot at!

And the Supercaps? Don't even think about it. To me, a Mom or a Titan means you have just sold your soul to a massively big alliance that is into all the "politicaillerie" shit that I absolutely hate about EVE. It's even worse than selling it to the devil! The only thing that interests me about Supercaps would be tackling one with my Broadsword and seeing my gang tearing it apart. Sure Titans are cool for the jump bridge thing but yeah... politics... (/me pulls out barf bag).

So there you have it, the on-going training of Cozmik summed up in one blog post. Sorry about the wall-o-text :)

Fly it like it's already dead,



Spectre said...

Recons are really, really powerful ships. I would recommend training for them considering you are already so close to being able to fly Min and Gallente ones.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

That's pretty much what I was thinking. Thanks for the seal of approoval