Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Clown Banter Contest #1: I really like you but...

Aight, bragging about my 20 million skill points will have to wait because the fine sirs at Clown Punchers Syndicate are holding a banter contest, and as I want free swag just as well as the next guy I'm going to have a go at it. And hey, if I'm the only one to enter maybe I'll get all the swag :)

The question we pose to our fellow bloggers for the first installment of the CKIAGFEBBC is, “What is the thing you hate/dislike most about the player run corporation you are in.”

Ah, asking qustions that could cause countless amounts of tears, pain and suffering... yep, it's from the BOZOs alright! Well, I'll give T and Q something to chew on as well because as a lot of people may know, I've spent quite a bit of time in Bozoland and there were a few things I disliked there too. And since I've known only 2 corps/alliances since my humble beginnings I'll make sure to keep everyone happy. I'll also add some things that I really like about each corp. T, Q, if you guys see things as bending the contest rules then by all means disqualify me, but I'm the one typing at the keyboard here :) I'll also like to add that if you really hate something about your corp/alliance, like hate it with a passion, then just quit it and find another corp/alliance better suited for you. Not really hating AMC nor BOZO, I will go with "dislike" for this contest. Alright, let's dive right in...

Apoapsis Multiversal Consortium / ChaosStorm Corporation

What I really dislike: OH MY GOD is AMC a quiet place. There could be 20 people online sometimes and you can get 1 or 2 to answer your "hello" in Alliance chat. Since the departure of a certain corp things did get a bit better, and also EVE audio in Alliance sees more use but still. I know there are a lot of industrialists who are busy with some of the things required to do but when you've been in game say a couple hours and none of the 10-12 chat windows are blinking, things get dull and you lose interest. If we needed to lose a corp in order get more conversations going then all the better. But the quietness doesn't end there: the forums. AMC has some of the deadest forums I've ever seen in any game. I've even sent alliance mails trying to wake people up and talk about what they're doing in-game so that people out-of-game can know WTF is going on, but apart from myself and a few others, forum participation is very small. Not a good thing if you ask me.

What I really like: with the place being so quiet, you can do stuff on your own without feeling like you're letting the team down, unless it's something that goes against corp/alliance policies. And I will say something about my current mates: when something happens that is a threat quietness goes by the wayside and stuff starts to happen. When jokers invade a wormhole system, we get together and fuck 'em up. When other jokers put a POS in our backyard we reinforce the thing and then we pop it, regardless of casualties. When yet more jokers reinforce one of our POSes, we make sure they don't kill it. So AMC may be too quiet for my taste, but it is a good bunch of people to fly with.

Clown Punchers Syndicate:

What I really dislike: This must be a problem encountered in other PvP corps and alliances: finding time to do your own things in the game is very hard, and sometimes impossible. In this game you need ISK for basically everything and even if there's a totally awesome ship and rig replacement program you always need ISK for something like skillbooks, newer and better ships, etc. And of course as you get more advanced these things cost more and more and when you're having a hard time rubbing two ISK together this sucks balls. There were times where for some reason Curse (back then) was very dead and even taking a fleet out on a roam didn't solve anything because EVE was dead in general. And yes, I'll even admit that there were a few times where I told myself "if I had spent all this time ratting I'd be 50mil richer...". My point is you have to make ISK somehow, even if you're in a PvP corp.

What I really like: Action, action, action, and more action !!! When things got busy around Bozo HQ, or out on a roam 20 jumps away with kills every other jump, Bozo was, and still is I think, The Best Place to play EVE. Be it in a BC fleet, a Jihad fleet, or a full-on RRBS fleet, there is always someone willing to fly with you to go out and kill some reds/neuts. Sometimes it felt like gorging ourselves on death and destruction, and life was good. And I will freely admit that I miss this part very much.

And that's it for me. I hope I get this ball rolling >:)

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