Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OK, you can talk now

After the silliness of two weeks ago it was actually good to take a step back from blogging. I took a subject from the wrong angle, I got into some mud-slinging, and as a cherry on top of the sundae my character got stuck with almost a full day of training downtime. In short, two weeks ago sucked. Now all that's in the past and good riddance.

First of all, Congratulations are in order for the winners of of the first blog banter contest. All subjects were very interesting (yes, even Teister's) and I will admit that if all of those suggestions would be looked at by CCP New Eden would be a better place to live in. Will they listen to the players? Hey, who knows... it was worth a try!

So what's been happening since I put on the muzzle. Well, when I get back to my playing computer I will be adding a big fat juicy screenshot of a Vagabond because the first I did when I logged back in 1.5 weeks ago was the following: fly to Rens in a Thrasher filled with all the necessary modules, buy the Vaga, fit it out rigs and all, ditch the ship I came in with and fly out in style. And yes, even after the speed re-balance happened I still feel like this is the ship for me. I have yet to put it through all its paces but I feel like I will get comfortable with it pretty quick. On the other hand replacing losses will be a tad more difficult than the average Jihad cruiser, but as long as I can have enough ISK for one replacement I'll be flying it as hard as I've been flying every other ship.

So now that my main HAC is done I'm back to skilling up for Tech 2 Large guns, which is perfect for my weird every-other-week schedule, and somewhere in there I'll start the push for the T2 Medium Hybrids (yes I can technically fly the Deimos and Ishtar now) and Recon ships. When all these nifty skills will be comfortably swimming in Level IVs (maybe Cloaking V for the Recon) it will be time to start thinking about another major thing, Command Ships.

So slowly but surely Cozmik is turning into a nicely skilled character. Now if overlord r3dfiv3 (that's me :) can have a bit more time to actually PLAY the damn game it would be awesome, but play-time is at a premium these days as I had feared it would when my ex and I started talking about two moves to take care of our boys better. The first part of the move is done (thanks again to Glith, Unzer, IvanAsen and Letrange for the help) but Part Deux is on its way on September 1st so we're not out of the woods yet. The good part is that this was supposed to happen in December so the sooner everything is done the better.

Here's to finding a kill when I come back.

Till next time, fly tons more than I do !!!


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Anonymous said...

gratz on your Vaga I love mine and yes still cringe a little at it's cost.

good hunting with it