Saturday, June 27, 2009

Assaulting heavily

Finally things have quieted down a bit now that my move is done, and though I'm still out of game because of the start of another Dad Week things are now a lot less stressful and I can actually enjoy myself. Moving sucks. Period.

In the past few weeks as I had very little time to be in-game I decided to train something big that I had put off when the Quantum Rise speed re-balance was announced. I had then veered off the HAC path to concentrate on the interdictors. After I finally got into my Broadsword I started to train the battleship skills, but getting into the large T2 guns would take a long time so now that I can fly semi decent Tempests, Maelstroms, Megathrons and Hyperions (I don't have the missile skills for the Typhoon or the drone skills for the Dominix) it is finally time I come back to the ship I was aiming for since that faithful day in January 2008 when I first installed the EVE client. Back then I was reading every guide I could find, and also bombarding Letrange with every imaginable noob question. Among questions about what to train immediately, game mechanics, and that dreaded GUI, one of the questions I asked was a lot more long term for the 900k SP noob I was: what would be the best ship that would fit my flying style like a latex glove. My performance requirements were the following: I want a ship that accelerates like a Top Fuel dragster, hits like Mike Tyson, and has just enough of a tank to get out of dodge with no one the wiser. Letrange's answer: "You sir are a Vagabond pilot". Awesome... WTF is a Vagabond? :))

The first time I did a "Show info" and "View market details" on the Vaga had my eyes pop out of my skull and my jaw hitting my keyboard. Not only would this ship take just shy of Forever to train up for, but it would also take more ISK than I could ever imagine having... ah, the things that scare us when we start this daunting adventure! So slowly but surely I start walking down the HAC path from its very beginning, doing the best I could to polish up the skills that would allow me to fit the ship correctly when eventually I'd get it. Fast forward to the present and the time has now come. Millions of ISK don't scare me nearly as much anymore (though being a PvPer keeps me on the "poor" list) and all the necessary fitting skills are ready. On Tuesday, June 30th, Cozmik R5 will have acheived the ability to fly Heavy Assault Cruisers! And not only the Vagabond and Muninn of his Minmatar heritage, but also the Ishtar and Deimos because my moving hiatus gave me the time to train up Gallente Cruiser V; the drone and hybrid gun skills still need a lot of work but I'm slowly getting there especially because I trained up for a decently fit Taranis.

The main problem in flying these ships will be the difficulty in replacing the inevitable losses when I'll fly them in PvP. I will admit that my trade alt is doing better and better, but I'll also admit that I'm far from being able to buy each one of the ships, fit them, rig them, and get replacements. But I will make an exception where the Vagabond is concerned; I have tons of modules to fit it, and it's the ship I've wanted from the very start. Things would be slightly different if I were still in BOZO as these guys have THE BEST ship replacement program in the entire game, but until my eventual return (yes, you heard it here first, if they still want me of course!) I will learn to fly the ship while I myself take care of funding it. That will force me to fly it smart, but yes, there are very good chances that I'll be flying it the only way I know how: DANGEROUS >:))

Fly that way too... it's the only way



Queb said...

Pffft what makes you think we even want you back? Nice read. Fly safe out there Coz.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Even if you don't want me I'll STILL bump your recruitment thread :))

I'll evemail you when I get back on Friday.

Fly hard man o7