Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Woohoo !!!

Well, I've got something to look for when I get back behind MY computer (I've been on my ex's for a week) as both my favorite podcasts have released new episodes... YAY !!! My thanx to Winterblink and Urban Mongral for proving they don't quite suck as much as Urban says they do, and to Silicon Buddha for again showing what a steady podcasting (podding?) machine he is. o7 to you three !!!

Apart from that? Well, being able to log on very sporadically makes for a very quiet time in EVE, and a very bad cold sure didn't help things, but I was still able to net about 30 million ISK with almost zero effort. If you have a spare character slot and don't get to mine/rat/build much, make a noob trade alt. It's worth it ;) I don't remember exactly where I got the Minmatar Vherokior build for my beautiful Cassy Winds but I remember not having too much trouble finding trade guides on Google when I started noticing that Cozmik would need more ISK and quick. It took me too long to figure out the way a market works (Letrange and Madcoy, stop laughing NOW!) but when I did figure it out I never ran out of ISK. Flying smart also helped so even when I lost say my first T2-ladden cruisers or battlecruisers the only downside I saw was getting replacements back out to 0.0 space.

And that's it! Hope to see you again from behind my real machine >:))

Fly unexpectedly


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