Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sorting mods and ships, aka the down side of moving

Well it's finally done, the Clown Punchers have changed residence in an effort to annoy and disrupt some newer alliances in Curse. It shouldn't be a secret too long but I'll still keep my mouth shut for now about the location. The main move was done on Tuesday Feb. 2nd in what was one of the most fluid and efficient dance of capital ships, and again as one of the cyno pilots I got treated to quite a light show. In all, over 100 million cubed meters of courrier contracts and rigged ships (close to 400 of 'em) got moved in just under 2.5 hours. After we were done a Bozo member was mentionning that each time we do this we have more stuff to move, but we also take less time moving it :) One might think that sitting in a montionless cyno ship for 2 hours plus may be boring as hell but a move like this is anything but. A massive fleet had to be assembled to make sure that all systems between and surrounding the point of departure and destination were constantly watched, and also to have firepower enough to deter any would-be intruder. The destination cyno went down a few times to such intruders, but while there were a few neutrals and reds to come visit 5E nobody got close to the station and the only thing that slowed down that side of the jumps was the refueling of my ship.

Now that the main move is done there will be a few more moves to be made for people who didn't get the chance to pack and contract their stuff, but nothing as serious as the main one. The fun part of course is that all of our belongings which were neatly stored in station containers clearly labeled with what's in them is now a massive jumble in the personnal hangar and items window. Because I was playing Dad yesterday (more on that later) I didn't get to log on to fix this so I'll be quite busy tonite when I do log on. I will finally have the opportunity to assemble and fit, and also hopefully use, my first Taranis. And after this will come a major step in Cozmik's career: the training for Remote-Repair Battleships, namely the Tempest. Having very average missile skills will cause me to skip the Typhoon entirely, but after discussing it with a variety of player from corpmates to the Montreal pilots, and of course with Letrange, I have come to the conclusion the my best path will be to train towards the Bozo-fit RR Tempest (which is pretty damn advanced skillwise) and include all the support skills that will make the Tempest very efficent. there are other ships I could train for relatively fast but once the Tempest is trained to its fullest the rest will be peanuts, apart from cap ships of course, which I feel absolutely no rush of getting myself into. I'll also probably buy myself a nice present at that point, like a Maelstrom that I'll keep in hi-sec pretty much as a trophy, at least until I can replace them easily. The player in me also wants to get some faction ships (a Dramiel and a Fleet Stabber in particular) but I have to roll in bigger ISK before I go that far.

And now out of EVE, this week will mark the strat of a new schedule in parental duties. Starting this Friday, Feb. 6th (my youngest boy's Timothée's 2nd Bday) my ex and I will be trading entire weeks of parenting. So tonight before I log onto EVE I have to pack my stuff for my week and then I'll only be back on the 13th, except for a few skill changes and some market juggling with my trade alt. Now that my ex has a full-time job this will be a lot better than being in and out every 2-3-4 days. There are also some longer-term plans but they're still very hypothetical so I'll keep quiet about 'em for now.

So until next time, I'll do my best to watch what's happening in EVE (BoB meltdown anyone?!) and I'll do my best to watch as many Tourney matches as I can, which should be possible because there's supposed to be crappy weather this weekend in Montreal, plus my boys absolutely love watching stuff on YouTube so EVE-TV should be right up their alley :)

Fly dangerous, and if you're in Curse, hope you're blue to Bozo, which is pretty unlikely >:)


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Geaux Tiger said...

Glad to hear the move went well. Good luck to you guys.

And good luck with the parenting detail. Going through a similar age with mine right now as well.