Monday, December 1, 2008

Very quick update

First of all I want to self-gratz me for my busiest blogging month. Yay me !!!

Second of all I can't wait to get back in game after a weekend with my Twin Terrors, but this come-back will be especially sweet because last week I ended up fighting bronchitis. I feel better now but I still feel like an alien chestbuster is wanting out every time I cough. In the middle of last week though that chestbuster was a Queen for sure! So I spent my last moments in game doing extremely quiet stuff like buying ships and hauling them around. Nothing fancy.

And last of all in this short update, I don't want to whine about the lack of podcast updates but ever since Fanfest (probably one of the culprits) and even after the release of Quantum Rise, none of the EVE related podcasts have been updated. Blinky, Urban, CK and co, Malhnor, Buddha... I miss you guys !!!

And that's it! More stuff to be added when more stuff happens :)

Fly deadlier than a guy nursing his respiratory conduits


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