Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last one for 2008

Yep, 2008 is leaving us behind, and good riddance! Some good things did happen during the year like my discovery of EVE and its denizens, the awesome shows I got to witness, and the massive generosity of the previously mentioned denizens. But on the personal side 2008 has been an extremely tough one, with the adjustments made to Life Itself as I now am a separated father of two awesome boys soon to be 2 and 3. That part's been a complete bitch. And it is as my boys are sleeping that I type this, being towards the end of an elongated parental weekend. On the 31st I get my shore-leave and go celebrate the coming of 2009 at my sister's place, and I fully expect this party to be rockin', and the hang-over to be just as bad!

So yes, I've been away from EVE for a little bit, and still have a bit to go as I'm unable to play. I did start my leave earlier though; the last few days prior to the holidays were absolutely horrible for an EVE PvPer, doing all sorts of stupid mistakes with gates, docking rings, my ship, ops that got nowhere, ops that took hours to get started; I mean, when you have 20 people in local and you have 4 Xs for a fleet, and a CEO has to blow a fuse to get that number up to 10, you know things are getting slow and minds think more about Santa. So after losing a Stiletto in a particularly stupid way I decided to take a much-needed breather and get my stuff ready for Xmas. As a change of pace I got into some Hellgate London, which I got last summer but barely played because I was doing The PvP (tm), only to find out that on January 31st the online servers will die. Neat. I don't play much online RPGs but this one was gonna be a good change of pace, not that I'd actually subscribe though; I'm poor enough as it is !!!

I don't know if it's realizing that I'm playing on free time and knowing it will end at some point in April, but I'm slowly starting to look at other games, some old and some new, that turn my crank just about as much as EVE does and that do things EVE just can't do for me (read free flight with stick, ludicrous speed and unabated bloodshed). To touch a bit of the subject I'll be talking about soon in my "1 year in EVE" post, one of the things that get me down on EVE is the "EVE skills vs RL skills". In EVE both are needed, but way too much emphasis is put on the former. I've stopped counting the times when people have a perfectly fit advanced ship and just do something that gets me to scratch my head for over a week! More on that later as I said.

So there it is. May 2008 end and 2009 begin with an absolute BANG! Mine will happen in Marieville Qc, and I'm not going by car, and I'm bringing my sleeping bag. If someone shares it with me then all the better !!! :))

Fly dangerous all



Anonymous said...

Happy New Year mate!!!! Enjoy it, you deserve it!!!

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Thanx and Happy 2009 to you too !!!

Bahamut said...

Best wishes to you and yours in '09!

CrazyKinux said...

Well, 2008 seems to have been a crummy year for a bunch of folks I know, including me! Here's to 2009 and much health and success!

Cheers mate!