Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Side trip to Musicland

Yep, this update isn't about EVE or any other video game. It's about my true passion, music. More satisfying than any fleet op, any track record, or any fancy flying move, the feeling I get when I'm drumming is something akin to Emperor Palpatine belching out a shower of Force Lightning. Its forms of expression range from the slightest cymbal flourishes of delight to the heaviest pounding beats of pure anger. And unfortunately since the sale of my house last April it's a form of expression I've had to put on the back burner except for those few visits to the local drum shop, some exhibitions on public electronic kits at the Jazz Festival, and one audition for a serious band last August. But apart from that my sticks, and especially my Green Machine, have remained silent for far too long. This will come to an end.

A few weeks ago I was mentioning to one of my co-workers that I have a problem I have to solve: my drums are collecting dust. Hell I even use my throne as my night table! So just after that I went to my Facebook profile page and changed my status to "Benoit has to do something about his drums collecting dust". Well guess what, for once Facebook was extremely useful for something! A couple days later I get a message from one of my friends (a real one whom I don't see enough) where he said simply "Why don't you give them to me?". Well, of course I wouldn't "give" the kit away; I'd rather give away my own heart instead. But after exchanging a few messages, it turns out he was dead serious: he was offering me the chance to set up my kit and play it pretty much whenever the Hell I wanted. On a platinum platter !!! So this weekend I wipe the dust off my drums, pack 'em in the car, and off they'll go to get set up and receive an immense load of love :) Now naturally I'll have to get an agenda so I can schedule practice time, EVE time, kid time, and oh I have to work once in a while too! But man is it gonna be worth it...

Fly hard, play hard, and practice your paradiddles !!!



The Green Machine in its former setting

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