Thursday, May 29, 2008

Prepare for Ludicrous Speed !!!

As I prepare myself to go offline for my bi-weekly parental weekend I now stand ready in dock next to my very first Tech II ships, my Claw and Stiletto interceptors! All week I spent tons of time just looking at EVEmon to know how long Evasive Maneuvering V still had to go, and I had to be up in the middle of the night to make the all-important skill change that will (pardon the pun) re-align my EVE life extremely fast :)

The Claw was the first ship I bought, mostly because a fellow Bozo pilot was getting rid of one and I got a massive deal on it, but the lack of mid slots will probably mean it will not see that much action. It will be a ridiculously fast Ninja Salvager but it would be a tad expensive to lose compared to say a Rifter, which is slower but still pretty agile. Still, I did fit a Warp Disruptor II on it so technically I could fly it in anger, but its little brother will be much more fit for the job.

The Stiletto though, I didn't just buy one; I bought two because I know I will blow them up, and I want to have one ready at all times just in case I need to get to a fight scene yesterday. With four mid slots, and room for a capacitor recharger, this ship has TACKLE written all over it. Even if the ship is not quite totally cap stable, it can hold on long enough for the buddies to show up and do their stuff. I need a few skills to be raised before it's exactly the way I want it though but I think I did a good job all around and I should be flying the ship to the best of its abilities even as I write this.

Now of course having bought a couple of ships my bank account has taken another beating, but on the flip side I have so many Tech I ships to lose that I'll actually make money losing them! I do need to get my Medium Turret skill back up again so I can fit Tech II guns on my cruisers and battlecruisers again, especially on my Hurricane. This will allow me to be a much more efficient ratter and when rats die fast you don't have to tank 'em as long. There is also my alternate character, Cassy Winds, who is starting to do a good job at trading in the Hi-sec market spots. In real life I must admit I am absolutely HORRIBLE with money so hopefully I will correct my mistakes in the online world and start to get a ball rolling so that in a few months I will be able to buy myself those expensive ships and modules that are needed for PvP. But because I have so many skills to work on as I try hopelessly to catch up with my veteran buddies, I should have more than enough time to have the necessary bank account.

So that's pretty much it for now. Next blog post will be in June and it looks like summer is finally starting to show itself so I'll be somewhere between riding my bike, taking my two boys to the park and stuff, so i may see a little less action. But I do have to come and make my skill changes once in a while so there's just no way of disappearing completely.

So until then, fly safer than I do >:)


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