Friday, May 23, 2008

Damn, a month already?

Yep, it's been just over a month since my last post. It shows that Real Life, especially after a move, has a tendency to get in the way of some good gaming, and when I do get to the gaming I go in full throttle so I don't really think about writing blogs and stuff.

So in my last post I was mentioning a new computer. Well, boy does it rock !!! I can now run pretty much all games at maximum resolution and maximum detail, and even in the thick of battle with explosions and ordnance flying around the computer doesn't even break a sweat. Truly a change from the old one which always had to do some disk caching, bringing unbearable lag. But I'm in 3D graphics Heaven now :)

On the EVE front, well there's been a move there too. The Clown Punchers have now moved deeper into 0.0 space in order to get some much quieter, less trafficked space. It also brings us closer to the action we always seek, and action we get. Some of us even get blown up by Titans !!! I'm also starting to accumulate some kills of my own, in the way of two pod kills in the last few ops I've been in. My ships specialize in speed and I don't quite have the damage output to snare the skip kills, but at least I hold my own in gang and without wanting to brag I'm getting decently good at tackling, which is a good thing because in about 5 days I'll be able to fly Interceptors. I already own a Claw as I mentioned but I will probably steer towards the Stiletto, which has more mid slots for those warp disruptors and webifiers, and it can also lock pretty much any ship faster than you can blink; with a sensor booster it can lock a battleship in mere TENTHS of seconds. That and the ability to warp extremely fast make this a ship that has my name on it.

And speaking of getting my name on ships, I now have a new battlecruiser, the Hurricane:

I did have a slight (well, major) mishap with my first 'Cane. We were happily ratting in our home system and because it was very quiet and the system was packed with our own people, we didn't notice a single Neutral character that had entered the system. Well, right after going to an asteroid belt and being locked in a rat's warp scrambler, the Neutral uncloaked his Curse right next to me and proceeded to drain me dry, after which his whole gang descended on me and put me out in no time flat. That puts a crimp on an evening, especially after a hard weekend having to deal with a car accident I had absolutely nothing to do with except being the owner of the car. But I did get another Hurricane right after, with caused me to be slightly broke. I will get better guns for it as soon as I can (more on that later) but even with strict T1 guns the 'Cane is still a far superior damage dealer than the Cyclone was, and when I fit it with speed mods it can fly on par with most regular cruisers but not only it can take the hits but it can also tear them to pieces. I will raise my bank account a lot more before i fly it in gang though, as well as maybe a spare ship a three :)

And on the finishing touch, I have learned a very hard lesson lately. In the rush of wanted to rejoin my comrades after dying in an op, I undocked as fast as I could to go get another ship only to fall victim of a gate camp. Not usually a big deal when flying a rookie ship but I had made a single very important mistake: I had forgotten to update my clone before leaving the medical station. For about 5-10 seconds I thought I had just destroyed my character and my EVE career was over, but fortunately CCP is a bit more forgiving than that. Still, I lost close to 150000 skill points in my Medium Projectile Turrets skill, and it will take 3 days and 10 hours to re-learn it. I can still fly my ships already fitted with medium T2 guns and ammo, but for a while I cannot fit new ships with those guns. All in all I came out lucky because these days I'm concentrating on my frigate and interceptor skills but still, it's something I could've done without.

So there you have it, one month crammed in on blog post! I'll try to update a little more often but excuse me if I spend more time actually shooting stuff than just writing about it :)

Until next time, fly it like you stole it !!!


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