Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Moving and EVE don't mix

Yep, I found out this simple fact the hard way last week as I was moving my half-prepared derriere from St-Hubert Qc to LaSalle. I could say "I shouldn't have gone on those ops" or "I should've turned off the computer" but I didn't and I paid for it and now the move is done and all that is past. Move along please... :) So now I have the unpacking to do, which will be no easy task as we moved the contents of half a bungalow into a 2 1/2 condo so yes, it'll still be some time before those big gaming sessions. Whoever is not happy about that is welcome to come to my place to help me :P

But as I said I did pull off a bit of play time before and after the move. I most notably got stupid with a Thrasher I had rigged just for the Hell of it to see what the rigs would do, but about 2 hours after I had built it I lost the ship to a pirate in a Jaguar. Way to go Cozmik... Bravo... This little mishap cost me something to the tune 24 million ISK. Not that I couldn't afford it but the stupid way I lost it is worse than the price. So remember kids, low-sec is just as bad as 0.0, maybe even worse !!!

On the more positive side I've started another character, whose job it will be to make sure Cozmik never runs out of money, especially now that he's starting to buy more Tech 2 toys, and even his first Tech 2 ship! That's right, even though I can't fly it yet, I will soon be taking possession of a Claw interceptor, sold to me by one of my Bozo comrades, TS5P.

So apart from that not much has happened mostly because of the move. Now the dust will settle and I'll be able to come back fully, and with a new computer too! I'll give full specs when I have it but its main feature will be the 1gb video card :))))))

So until next time, fly safe, watch local, get scouts, and don't play EVE if you're moving !!!!


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