Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bad blogger... BAAAAAD blogger !!!

Yeah, I know. I'm slow at updating my blog. Let me rephrase that: I update my blog? LOL !!!

Hey, shit happens, stuff in real life happens, I get busy, I have 20 thousand plans going in 20 thousand different directions... at least it proves I have a life! :D Before I go into what happened in my EVE life I'll go into a bit of Earth-life info. You see, I live in Montreal, Qc, Canada, cultural capital of the Known Universe, and as it happens every year, Summer with a capital "S" starts on the second weekend of June with the festivities surrounding, and including, Le Grand Prix du Canada, one of, if not THE most exciting Formula One race of the entire year where literally ANYTHING can happen, and underdogs CAN win, as it happened this year with Robert Kubica of BMW Sauber surviving a hellish race.

Barely two weeks after the race gas fumes are starting to evaporate, the entire country goes into Party Mode with both national holidays exactly a week apart, and exactly in between starts the best cultural activity one can go to (I DARE anyone to find anything better that lasts as long), The Montreal International Jazz Festival. Now, being a drummer, I attend as many shows and activities as I possibly can during those two weeks; this year I even saw not one, but TWO indoor shows, went on the premises a total of six times, and literally fell in love with what will surely become my home practice electronic drum kit, the Roland HD-1 VDrums Lite. Not as great as true-blue electronic kits, but that's not what I'm looking for, and for a decent set of those I'd have to spend a few hundred bucks more than I want to. More music news at the end of the blog...

And as if all those festivals and activities weren't enough, anybody who's been here in the summer will say it: just hanging out in Montreal is a pure blast! Excuse me if I sound sexist but being a guy I just have to say it: No city ANYWHERE as the shear amount of babes we have. Period. And as if hanging out wasn't enough, well I have two young boys to take care of once in a while, splitting care time with my ex. So add all that up and you have the makings of a very difficult schedule for hardcore gaming sessions, and frankly, am I to blame? :)

I did have some gaming opportunities though and even once, after a particularly successful roaming op, I got to lead the killboard for a few days. Me. A barely over 6 million skill point character. LEADING. That must've turned a few heads !!! Plus we've been getting some absolutely hilarious kill in the short time that I've played, so I can only imagine if I'd been on longer. There's also been a few debacles but luckily enough I haven't been part of those; and of course I would've gotten blown up too if I had been there! But all in all I'm getting better and better at surviving in 0.0 space, and getting the fast tackles.

On a different side of EVE, tonight will be the start of the BOZO Tech 1 Cruiser Tournament, and our first opponents will not be exactly easy to kill because both are electronics experts. But we have a plan. A cunning one, the sort with a tail on you can a weasel :D

On a closing note, to come back to my musical life, in two weeks I may get the chance to fix my drum kit storage problem; I am to audition for the band Clocks In Motion. We are 4 drummers vying for the spot and whoever fits the band best (not necessarily the one who plays the required two tunes better) will get the gig. If I'm the lucky one it will mean a lot of work because this is not your usual garage band. these guys have a plan and want to go somewhere. So it would be my first "professional" music job. If it does happen it could potentially put a crimp on my gaming habit though, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'd miss it, but as Frank Zappa wrote it, Music is the BEST !!!

So until next time (yes, whip yourself r3d...), fly safer than I do !!!!


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