Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rough schedule

I am starting to realize that I may have resubbed a tiny bit too fast. No, I'm not suffering from burn-out after only one month. The reason is simple: when you have two boys with an ex-girlfriend and one of them has started school and the other one is still at daycare, expect to be called in to help. While this does nothing to help with the already strained relations with the ex (let's say we've set each other "red"), my boys have to come first. And so it is that I have to get up at stupidly early hours and either ride or walk to my boys' place so the ex can leave early enough not to be late for work - in case you don't know, morning traffic in Montreal is an olympic sport; I'm actually happy I don't have a car anymore - and we each take a boy to his destination for 7AM. Remember when I said EVE and kids don't mix? Well apparently it wasn't just when the kids are present with me *sigh*

And as before I still have my other distractions in which I have just as much interest as I have in EVE, and in some cases much more. The end of summer and fall is upon us and this is my favorite time to be outdoors; the fresher air, the colors, the smells... I need to find a planet that has late-September weather year 'round! With every month that passes my bike is getting better equipped to go farther and farther, and with my fall vacation coming I'm praying for some good riding weather. Next on my bike related shopping list: cycling shorts, pants and boxers (with shammy cushion "where it counts"), handlebar bag, front and rear lights, travel panniers (I do have a trunk bag), fenders, new grips and bar ends. Over the winter I'll start looking into the more serious stuff like the BOB trailer and camping gear. My objective: in summer 2012 I want to take a month long vacation, probably late August to early September, maybe even all of September because it just rocks, and out of that month I want to take two weeks to ride wherever the roads and paths may lead me. I will have to plan out a vague itinerary that will eventually lead back to my house. This should be pretty awesome :)

When I took my EVE break in May it turned out to be not just an EVE break, but a complete gaming break, apart from a few games here and there, mostly when my boys were with me and on crappy rainy days. The break was just long enough that now I really feel like fragging/flying/racing and there are a few games that have either come out or are on the way that I'm interested in. Good examples are: WH40K Space Marines, Hellgate (Tokyo expansion soon!), Rage, Diablo III, Elder Scrolls Skyrim, rFactor2 and Microsoft Flight (aka FS11). But playing rFactor1 this past weekend, not to mention the whole Incarna/CQ debacle, made me notice something: my computer is now 3.5 years old and it's showing its age. At the very least I will need a newer nVidia video card. Yes, I am sold to nVidia ever since the Riva TNT came out. And when you read that a lot of people who have video card issues with games have ATI cards, and with most gaming companies working hand-in-hand (I was think of other body parts) with nVidia when developping their games, take a wild guess what video card is better for gaming! I should also get a memory and OS upgrade though, but I only have so much money to throw around. Real Life being greater than Pixels, I'll have to make some choices because in the midst of all the cycling, camping, and now computer gear I'd like to buy, I have put aside an electronic drum kit that I plan to get around Christmas, maybe a bit after. When the drum kit gets to my place I have the feeling that I'll be turning a big page on my gaming career.

So there you go, a slight update about why there are no sweet kills to post or funny/awesome in-game stories to tell. I will be posting the "Wednesday of Fail" later when I get home not only because of my work's firewall, but also because posting from this old and decrepit version of Internet Explorer is a complete bitch. Trust the Montreal municipal services to be 5 to 10 years behind on technology... jeez !!!

Fly with your heart, not with your head


Edit: [rant] A little rant about something that's bugging the fuck out of me lately in EVE. Lately I keep seeing "FiS" everywhere. I want everyone to know that FiS stands for FÉDÉRATION INTERNATIONALE DE SKI. It has NOTHING to do with space, ships, or both used together. [/rant]


Riley said...

I feel you pain mate. EVE is not a game that you can play for a few minutes here and there, it requires a large time investment. It's one of the reasons I retired from the game

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

The way I see it, EVE is The Matrix!