Monday, December 3, 2012

Preparing for Retribution

The next EVE Online expansion is upon us. Have you logged in to make sure you have a lengthy skill set in the queue? I just did, and I also took the opportunity to get my pod into my Vagabond. I don't know who is the assclown who decided to remove its frills and made it look like just a reskinned Stabber but I sure hope he got an earful. Anyway, this mistake will be erased tomorrow as the expansion will fix on of my favorite ships.

The new Stabber hulls are only a tiny part of the changes coming to EVE. T1 frigates are getting a huge boost, and a new set of destroyers will be leaving all four races' shipyards. But the change that will affect my play style the most will of course be the new Bounty/Crime system. Before I do something stupid I will have to read up carefully on all the changes because with the crazy fall season I've had with the drumline I admit I've fallen behind on my consumption of EVE information, be they dev blogs, player blogs or podcasts. Ah well, busy guy problems!

Oh and yeah, speaking of drumline, I can finally say I've played on a snare line. Here's me with an awesome toy!

It sounds as awesome as it looks :)
Fly loud and deadly!


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