Saturday, October 27, 2012


I sort of managed to skip the Friday video! My post-show week was a bit crazy and this is a parental duty weekend so yeah. For the last sortie with the drumline it's looking like we'll be doing a percussion meet, kind of like the one I went to last year that allowed me to meet these fine people. Something tells me this meet will be popular because we put a huge dent on the music scene last week and now a lot of people who didn't or couldn't come to the show want to see the Rockline in action. We shall not disappoint!

On the EVE front, I am back to pretty much full activity. It was slower starting than I thought after the show because I was totally brain-dead but towards the end of the week I finally got some The PvP with my buddy Havegun Willtravel. He was in a Rifter trolling some F.E.R.A.L. guys in Gallente Low-sec when I hooked up with him. We fleeted up, and when I got ready to engage he called the "warp to me" and told me to hit the Rupture. OK, warp drive active! Being in a Hurricane this was easily done, along with a Harpy and a Rifter for good measure. Three kills in a single pass. Man than felt good! Gun had to take a phone call which gave the enemy a chance to upship, so when we engaged again they did so with three 'Canes and a Drake, and a shit-ton of ECM drones. Ah well, all in good fun! I also lost another 'Cane later in another engagement, this time to a Pilgrim giving an awesome warp-in on me. And more ECM drones. Yeah, these guys love 'em!

So now I can finally say it, I'm back. And not giving a flying fuck about losses is awesome. May the gods of The PvP rejoice at all the pretty 'splosions I intend to give 'em :))

Fly hard, die harder!


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