Thursday, October 4, 2012

Attack of the Little Black Dots

Not even two and a half weeks to go until The Big Show, and it totally feels like it. Over the next two weeks we will have two ensemble rehearsals, two sectionals (at least for us in the bass line) and the general with everybody involved, which means Wishmaster, The Rockline, the dance troop, the circus troop, and the Diplomates horn line. A lot of my spare time is spent listening to the six Nightwish tunes over and over, playing my parts whenever I can, and for our drum feature I also have some steps to memorize to make sure I don't ram someone when show time comes. Yeah, after the show is done it's gonna be great to take a break from music and start the pew-pew antics in EVE.

I will also get my baptism of fire in Airsoft. All summer long I was seeing the invites for various games from my buddy Moogy over at Taktik Airsoft and most of the time it was conflicting with either my rehearsal or my parenting schedules. Not having to memorize an entire binder full of little black dots will free up a lot of time, but I do have some basic gear I need to acquire before I even think of going to an Airsoft game. For starters I need the obligatory protection gear and some cheap clothes I won't mind getting dirty; I intend to play Airsoft the way I play Quake, which means I'll run a lot, fall a lot, die a lot, etc. I've been told there's always room for suicidal nutcases like me in Airsoft teams and I intend not to disappoint! I'm also working towards the purchase of my Umarex H&K G36cv replica and all the gadgets surrounding it, which means batteries and charger, spare mags, maybe a red/green dot sight and tactical grip, and of course a carrying case or bag; one does not simply walk around with an assault rifle replica! After I have the basics I'll start looking at better and more practical gear but there will be no pressure and no rush. In any case, I can't wait to play a live-action First-Person Shooter :)

On the EVE front the arrival of the colder weather will mean more activity. Cartboard Box and I will start stoking the fire of his corp, Chez Stan. The main purpose will be The PvP but we're not sure which kind of The PvP yet. Will it be Null-sec based? Will we go into Faction Warfare? Will we do wardecs? Will we go full pirate? It's all up in the air right now. On my side I've been logging in sporadically these days to keep in touch with the game, but I haven't had the chance for say a full evening of EVE since the end of my vacation. This will be dealt with as soon as the show is done. I've taken the Monday and Tuesday following the show off because I know the post-show adrenaline high will make me go to bed late on Sunday morning, giving me self-induced jet-lag. What will follow the show will be two days of Sweet Fuck-All, or in gamer terms, a 48h gaming session. I will definitely paint killboards red, with both kills and losses :)

Anyway, 16 days to go before the show and excitement is reading high on the OMFG-meter. It's a lot of work but I can't wait to hit the stage and get it done!

Fly loud


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