Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday's Percussive Lunch Hour - ZOMG Edition

Yeah I've not been posting this week for a good reason: on Monday my weakening 4 year old video card finally died a horrible overheated death, and on Tuesday as I was on my way to my drumline rehearsal I remembered that 2-3 years ago, my best buddy Letrange had given me a spare video card that happened to be nearly identical to my own, an Asus GF8800 GT with 512mb of RAM (mine had 1024 though). So yesterday I went through my 'puter stuff boxes, found it, swapped the old one, and spent a good 3 hours on Skyrim XD

But more important in this post is the video. Now why would I, CozmikR5, die-hard fan of Santa Clara Vanguard and Phantom Regiment, be posting a Blue Knights video? Well, the reason for this post is not about the drumline, but the actual drums themselves. You see, my instructor and drumline director Jacques Charbonneau got tired of waiting around for sponsors, not to mention got tired of practicing on wooden beams. So after holding a survey to find out how interested us members would be in going on after the Wishmaster fund-raiser show, he took a dive head-first and went out to buy THESE VERY INSTRUMENTS! I don't want to know how much he paid for 'em or how much blood he gave in exchange. All I know is that at some point around the 20th of June the drums will leave their previous home at BK HQ in Denver Colorado to their new one in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu Quebec.

As I've mentioned not too long ago, I myself will be at the helm of Bass Drum #5, which is a 32 inch monster of a drum. My parts aren't too complicated, but it will be fun as hell, especially on the fortissimo excuse-me-while-I-destroy-your-kidneys parts! You can be sure that at the first occasion we get to play on the ex-BK drums there will be an impromptu photo session and I'll be posting a few for sure.

Until next time, fly loud!


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