Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gilles Villeneuve: 30 years already

On May 8th 1982, I was an 11 year old boy sitting in my room listening to the radio waiting for any kind of news of my hero who was qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix held at Zolder; live TV feeds of F1 races were few and far between back then, especially when the races were in Europe. Only I didn't hear about where Gilles placed; I heard about where and how hard he landed. I had lost my hero, but a legend was born.

Fast forward 30 years and Scuderia Ferrari paid Gilles Villeneuve quite an hommage, by letting his son Jacques drive the car which not only gave Gilles his highest placing in the World Championship, but which also participated in one of the greatest, if not THE greatest duel in motorsports history.

Salut Gilles, et merci Jacques.


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