Thursday, March 29, 2012

Have a nice vacation Mittens!

And so it was that yesterday the ominous CCP BanHammer struck a blow to punish The Mittani for his drunken slip-up at FanFest during the Alliance Panel. While I was never a Goon and I didn't vote for Mittens, I find this whole drama-bomb really sad on a few levels. It's never been a huge secret that EVE Online attracts some of the meanest Internet trolls just because of its nature. You think that Something Awful denizens are the only ones to do "bad things" in EVE? Goons at least have a game plan and play the big game of space politics and conquest; some other corps and alliances do nothing but wardec noobs just to hear 'em cry. But I digress.

The sad things about The Mittani's ban from EVE and his eviction from the CSM7:

- Suddenly over ten thousand voters are without a representative. With all the stuff that got done during CSM6's tenure, you can bet your nuts/ovaries that Mitten's voters aren't Goonswarm only. Regardless of what he said or did, scrapping the chairman is tantamount to scrapping the entire CSM. Do I believe that the election should be rerun? Yes I do. Will it be? Probably not.

- The Alliance Panel as you know and love it is now a thing of the past. Let's shoot a bit wider: alcohol consumption during FanFest as you know it may be a thing of the past. Or at the very least, if CCP wants to entertain some serious business partners like, I don't know, Sony for example, Make sure they don't make decisions based on the actions of a couple thousand drunken Space Nerds. I'm not blaming alcohol for what Mittens said but I'm sure as hell it didn't help.

- One notorious clusterfuck of a coallition is now pissed off. This is a two-sided edged sword: if you want to play EVE to blow shit up, meet a bunch of crazies and have a huge laugh, this is the perfect time to play. If you want to play the game seriously with your industrial stuff, your P.I., or just your plain "minding your own business", You WILL have your game wrecked. Especially if you're among the thousands living in and around the shit-hole called Jita.

So as I've said a few times, even though I don't actually play the game anymore, EVE drama is still some of the best entertainment to be found anywhere on them Internets. I just didn't expect the drama bomb to be this big and this quick after leaving. I'll keep my eyes and ears peeled for more drama nukes to blow up.

To hell with flying safe !!!



Anonymous said...

1. The election shouldn't be rerun, The Mittani sabotaged every single vote for him.

2. The Alliance panel was probably a bad idea to begin with, at least in the given venue.

3. The CFC just watched their johnson get limp right as they were ready to stick it in. You bet they're pissed, and the onus is on them now to prove they can still get it up.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

That #3 comment just made my day XD

Knug Lidi said...

1) Votes cast, even for loosing candidates are never wasted. Would you say that the votes cast for Richard Nixon before his impeachment were wasted ?

2)CCP stuck their tongues out for years, this year it got slapped. I see serious changes to CCP behaviour at future fanfests

3)If Mittens can't handle *just* being CEO of the CFC, then he may well leave and a bunch of goons will follow. April might be interesting without Mittens, but this summer will be worth watching to see how the CFC evolves

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

1- To the people who voted for him and were let down by his antics, yes.

2- I do have probs imagining sober vikings...

3- it will be glorious XD

Powers said...

No one is unsubbing because our pseudo intellectual genius leader can't boss the developers around anymore. He isn't going to quit because he can't boss the developers around for a year.
He'll just get on the CSM again, and run it like Vladimir Putin runs russia, from the shadows.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

That's the spirit Powers! If I get hit in the head with an I-beam and resub I want to fly into Jita and see nothing but rubble :)