Thursday, March 15, 2012

That's all folks!

And it's now official, as of just over 5AM evetime (1AM Montreal time), the EVE Online account is in deep cryo-sleep. No, I didn't do anything stupid like biomassing or trashing all my stuff, but unlike the break I took at around the same time last year I don't see myself coming back any time soon, if ever. As a matter of fact I'm pretty much done getting hardcore into MMO's. I do still have a Dungeons & Dragons Online account but I log in about once every 2-3 months, and the same goes for Hellgate Global, which I see more as an online single-player game anyway. As I've mentioned before, if I want to go up against humans I prefer using Quake Live or Mech4Mercs. I may be interested in World of Tanks, and later this summer Mechwarrior Online will come out, but if I want my drumline activity to be fruitful I have to cut down on the gaming.

So with Rixx Javix of EVE-O-Ganda being stuck with Real Life crap, I hereby announce that I am removing myself from the EVE Blog Pack. While I may still post about EVE-related subjects once in a blue moon, these posts will be few and far between and will mostly happen if something big makes the news, along the lines of the Jita Riots or the death of a big power block. However, unlike some other ex-EVE bloggers, I will NOT remove all my EVE material because 1- there's a lot of it and I'm a lazy bastard, and 2- some stuff may actually be useful to someone. I will even leave the EVE24 news reel and the EOH Poker ad. I will also leave the Blog Pack links because frankly, I wouldn't be this much into blogging if it wasn't for these fine peoples.

So there you go, all done. The book is closed and now's the time put it back in the bookcase. Will I be interested in picking up the book again? Only time will tell, but don't hold your breath as you might turn blue and die.

For a final time, never forget my good advice: fuck flying safe... fly dangerous !!!



Knug Lidi said...

Just as long as you continue to blog about your biking !

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Oh I will, no worries there! As a matter of fact last Tuesday I went on my first ride, which was rewarded with awesome microbrewery beer and jacuzzi at the end of it :))