Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Incursions, and stuff

Before I go ranting about EVE Online, I'd like to wish you all a happy 2012, and I hope it brings you happiness, love, sex, money, bacon, ganks, ISK, etc. I'm hoping the same things for myself :)

As you may have noticed, I'm starting to be less and less attracted to Internet Spaceships. My reasons are pretty much the same as they were last April, only since my return I never felt the urge to go back to full activity, and I still have trouble with time constraints so I basically refuse to play on anything but my own schedule. It's not that I hate EVE; it's just that I don't like enough of it. But oh well, enough about me for now. Scram Web's post about the relation between the falling (crashing?) prices of Faction ships and Incursions and my recent experience of showing up almost unannounced at Letrange's place as his fleet was killing True Power zombie after True Power zombie made me realize one thing that's been talked about a lot and I can now agree with: CCP needs to nerf the living daylights out of Sansha Kuvakei.

I've once heard CCP Dr EyjoG say that EVE has too many ISK faucets. Well, Incursions aren't a faucet... they are a blown water main. In the hour and a half I was at Let's place his 11-man gang consisting of 3 Scimitars and 8 WTF-bling battleships (mostly Machariels, with a Nightmare, Bhaalgorn, Vargur and Rokh thrown in for good measure) made about 1.5 billion ISK appear out of thin air. In an hour and a half. And they were at this all day. And do this almost every day. Letrange also showed me the obscene amount of CONCORD LP he had... borderline 7 digits?! And people wonder why the market is doing wonky things. Free money is good, but too much free money is not.

During all this I saw the poor saps who were also trying to run sites, but were getting the grass cut from under their feet from this 20-ish billion ISK rape train. So you know when they say that it takes money to make money? Incursions are proof of this. And frankly, the cut-throat ISK war that makes EVE what it is is getting to me, which is why I'm slowly on my way out. Yes at 57 million skill points I could easily fly in fleets like that but since I have nowhere near the ISK required to buy myself a Faction-fitted Machariel, I'd have to go Logistics, and this raises one of my personal problems: I really don't like having people rely on me for survival. As I told Let, if an FC relies on me to get a tackle and I fumble it, no biggie. But if I would fumble a rep and a multi-billion ISK ship dies because of it it would feel worse than losing such a ship on my own by my own fault.

All this talk of ISK is making me sick of EVE. I subscribed to fly and destroy spaceships, not to become a space businessman. But in EVE Online it is totally impossible to not be both. I have therefore come to the conclusion that despite the little bits that I absolutely love, and unless there are major changes to the game that would make it appeal more to an action player like me, EVE Online is not for me. And so it is that in the middle of March I will let my subscription run out and head for greener pastures. Maybe it was getting back to a game where I can hit "save" and come back to it either an hour or 2 days later. But a 4-month break was clearly not enough to make me see EVE in a new light. Will a year or 2 help? Only time, and CCP, can tell...


PS: some stuff will be given, and some stuff will be kept.


Anonymous said...

All lies. Stop this bullshit. We do not want incursions nerfed.

Anonymous said...

Actually, we do want incursions nerfed. Or at least returned to the initial level of difficulty. If you want to make 1.5Bil isk an hour I want to make damn sure Sansha has a better chance of blowing all you incursion carebears up.

The rewards are far too great for the amount of risk right now.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Yep, my point exactly.

Naoru Kozan said...

Can I has your stuff?

Just kidding, hope you find another game to scratch that spaceship itch.

Anonymous said...

And yet I still see and hear of bil isk ships blowing up. so obviously not as risk-free as you say, also the only sites that have been changed since release are the OTAs so there hasn't been a 'decrease' in difficulty so much as people have learned what to do, same thing happened(s) with new missions, new sites(null-sec). So increase the difficulty sure(Vanguards do need it), but people will learn and adapt to those changes. Please stop being so QQ over people looking for the fastest way to make Isk.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

@Naoru: I think I got a Rifter or three for you :)

@Anonymous: to me all forms of ISK making, slow or fast, are mind-numbingly boring and get in the way of the parts that are way more fun. I don't play games to do chores so I'm outtahere.

Anonymous said...

Two things:

1- While I agree that incursions should be tweaked, but not necessarily "nerfed." For example, have vanguards pay out more LP and less ISK, while keeping the overall value the same. This could dial back the ISK faucet while encouraging more assault and headquarters fleets. Incursion running takes a lot of organization and makes high-sec carebears more social; it is a step in the right direction.

2-You don't need a faction fit Mach to start. Just start with a less-populated incursion (i.e. not the BTL focus) and, if possible, a less populated day or time (Mon-Thurs are quiet). Cheaper ships can get fleets as long as the fits aren't terrible. I've flown with lots of Tempests, Maelstroms, and Rokhs with meta 4 guns and T2 fittings. I started with a drake and 100M ISK, and worked my way up to a nighthawk, then cross trained into a nightmare funded purely by incursions. I then got a Macherial for my other character. The only faction gear I have is a fed navy web.

If someone is fully faction-fit the should get ganked. Maybe that should be your calling. You get some PvP and expensive loot all in one activity ...and there will always be plenty of targets.

Afandi said...

I'll miss your presence Cozmik, especially the Wednesdays of Fail.
I also don't know why do you see making a bit of money as a chore. EVE is not an arcade game, nobody is making you run incursions, as the last commenter said and WTF-bling ships are not mandatory. :)

My money faucet, for example, is the quiet job of POS managing - four POS, 1+ B a month, having to spend 2 hours every 20 days for refueling. Which is pretty much enough for 1 person and I'm building a jump freighter, just to reduce those 2 hours to under 1. The rest of the time I spend in low-sec, blowing up space ships. Yesterday I even got 2 KMs for the Wednesdays of Fail, pure gold are they imho. :)

In the end it's your decision and I know exactly how you feel, because I felt the same not long ago. Try to find people to play with, a corporation which has industrialists to make the ships and leave the blow-up part for you. :)

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

I'm sorry guys, but I've had the love/hate relationship with EVE for far too long. I find reading about it and watching videos of it tons more fun than actually playing it.

After 4 years of feeling like this, it's more than about time I got out.