Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The first big bike tour


As we are approaching the end of January I'm already thinking about the mileage I want to do once the snow melts. The thing is that I'm preparing a special treat for my summer vacation which will be closer to a fall vacation actually. And a first big bike tour does not happen on a whim and now that the holidays are behind us it's time to get ready for what will be my first true bike adventure ride. I skipped a big one last year because of lack of funds but I admit I had zero preparations. But this one... oh man so many things to think about! The plan is to take four weeks of vacation starting at the end of August. The first week will be spent with my youngest son who will be starting school (finally, both guys in one location!) and I after this week is done I want to hit the road for about two weeks. The map says 555 km; I'd say tack on about a hundred because I do want to see stuff. Plus some days may be 100+km days, others 40-ish. At least the last leg of the tour is mostly downhill so it should work. So far I'm doing this solo but who knows, someone may be crazy enough to accompany me! One thing is sure, I don't want this tour to be a race so it shouldn't be too hard on the body. I'll make sure the body is ready beforehand though.

Stay tuned for more tour prep updates!


Edit: I've refined the path for a more pleasant ride visually as well as physically. The bit between Thurso and Tremblant will still be killer I bet! 


Wh Denizen said...

Good luck with the training, I am hoping to complete my century ride this year, having already done a metric century I will be doing the 100 mile version late this summer.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Thanks man!

I've done a few century (km) rides last summer. My biggest was 120 km and I had knobby tires at the time, a backpack and no cycling shorts. Better prepared an Imperial century is totally doable; just don't do it when you have to finish in a head wind in 90F temperatures!