Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friday's Electric Lunch Hour - 2011/10/28 (Halloween Edition)

Yeah it's a tad early, we're not Friday yet, etc. I have to be out of my place at 6AM and because this is a parental duty weekend I'll be busy as fuck when I come back from work, even if I finish at Noon. So there, pre-posted ear sex!

This being Halloween weekend, how about a ghost story? So there was this ghost haunting this opera house right? And at some point he went way up into the rafters and called out the secret ingredient in the recipe of the Flaming Homer/Moe... Nah, I suck at story-telling. I'll let the 1989 edition of the Santa Clara Vanguard tell the story the only way they know: with unbelievable amounts of Awesomeness (plus I know of one reader who seems to be more into black and blue... so the only way to fight back is with green and red ^_^). Enjoy what has been voted The Best Drum Corps Show of All Time on a DCI poll... OK, this may have been before Spartacus by the 2008 Phantom Regiment, but still. PR may have killed their drum major, but SCV... watch the video to find out!

As Mr Royer would say, send in the clowns!


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