Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday's Electric Lunch Hour

For those who do not know, my job has this very cool feature about the schedule: I get off at noon on fridays. Yes, hate me please! So I've decided to put my own spin on the weekend opener blog post. Crazy Kinux has various videos, Ga'len has revived WDA's Fail Mail, Roc Weiler has recipes, Kirith has fiction, so all those were taken. So I'll go with my number one passion: music. But I'll warn you straight away, I like my music loud, weird, or both. Once in a while I find something that can make the toughest bullies cry. Some tunes will be classics that everyone know, and others will be more obscure stuff. And once in a while I'll put in something from Quebec's best bands so you can practice your "joual québécois". So grab that cola or beer or whatever drink you fancy, crank up the volume, and annoy the crap out of the neighbours :))

On the EVE front, the changes announced by Letrange and I are getting under way, and now I have a lot of hauling to do. Unfortunately my buddy Si Gong had to put his account on ice a while ago so his Orca can't be used. Oh well, at least I don't have too much distance to cover, for now. The official corp switch isn't quite here yet but things are getting ready.

Until next time, fly loud.


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