Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Changes, from another point of view

As Letrange has mentioned, changes are in the air here at AMC. It would be useless to repeat word for word the reasons behind the changes because everyone can read his blog entry about it, but while Let will be out riding chokobos, or fragging Zergs, or putting on his virtual general's stars to frag Axis forces, or allied forces depending on the scenario, AMC will still be up and running in New Eden. Finding a replacement for Letrange as Alliance leader wasn't really hard; the mention of me taking over ChaosStorm and thus becoming CEO of the alliance executor corp was so funny it could never have been taken seriously. Just imagining myself at the helm of an essentially carebear alliance kinda freaks me out :)

As it stands right now I'm spending the majority of my time in Wspace, but because of my weird playing schedule it's not the economic boon it should be. Add to that the fact that I lost two expensive ships (one is replaced, the other can wait) and that I do get out once in a while for some The PvP but unfortunately I'm one of EVE's worst solo PvPers (!) means that I'm not exactly as rich as a 35mil SP veteran should be. But I don't care about the ship losses, the tide will turn at some point. Plus, with the reshuffling of the alliance corps this will be the perfect opportunity to start a true combat wing the way Letrange envisioned it; not all the players in AMC are miners and industrialists... some of us are happy only when we see pretty 'splosions, and human 'splosions are always better than NPC 'splosions.

So what is "The Plan"? Well for starters the very few active members of ChaosStorm will be leaving the corp; the only characters to remain will be Letrange and whichever alt he has that's in our corp. Then we will do what we should have done a long time ago, which is concentrate the PvPers under a single banner and stage them in one area at any given time. Too often have I heard "This system is hot!" only to travel 15-20 jumps to find one or two young characters in Local and no one in space. Or "we have invaders, let's fuck 'em up!" only to find out that the entrance wormhole is 40 jumps away. We have learned a lot since the introduction of wormholes into EVE and "helping" usually turns into sob stories. People living in W-space have learned to fend for themselves, to either get rid of invaders if it's possible, or to lay low until the intruder gets bored if it's not. Some asshats don't get bored easy but such is the nature of EVE.

But the most important part of the PvP Revival Plan: the corp that will be designated as the PvP corp will be recruiting. In short, we need new blood. We need players who are active and ready to go out on ops, but casual enough not to freak out or get bored if things are a bit quiet. We're not looking to become the next Alliance Tourney winner, we just want to have some fun. Of course if the alliance becomes at war or some intruder becomes a bit more pesky we will rally the entire alliance, but the main goal of the PvP wing will be to stay always ready by the only way I know, practice. Now we won't go crazy with SP requirements or ship fits set in stainless steel; actually the initial requirements will be quite low because we want people willing to learn as opposed to an army of veterans who all think they have "The Solution" to any particular problem. As of now nothing has been decided for things like the HQ, logistics, etc, but as Letrange's departure approaches these things will become a bit clearer. More detail as things unfold!

To Letrange: dude, I once again thank you for introducing me to this awesome (even if some bits are flawed) game 2.5 years ago. Right off the bat you pointed me to the right people to put me on a fast track to PvP, and it was a great pleasure to put to use what I learned there to help you with AMC post Apocrypha. I hope your break does everything you want it to do for you. And I can tell you one thing, you will be missed. Of course I'll still keep in touch with you about EVE happenings over beer and/or scotch and/or a delicious Number 2 at Magnan's :))

I don't say this often but I'll say it this time: fly safe.



Letrange said...

Thanks coz and fly dangerously!

Zanaraxtarus said...

Great blog! Keep at it...

As for the recruitment.. You should really drop me a line in-game (I'm at work right now and am just finishing off 2 months of 70+ hr weeks, so I probably won't remember to contact you when I log in later)
I started playing EVE with the intention of becoming a "drug producing ammo/weapon dealer" [think Escobar in EVE]
I ended up joining a corp for the drug producing aspect and it disintegrated shortly after most of the PvP pilots (the majority) decided low-sec gate camping was more fun than mining escort ops... Yeah, I quit EVE for a while after that..

I'm back now (who can stay away from this perfectly-flawed game for long?) and have been trying to decide on going drug production, low-sec pirate, or joining a WH corp... The latter sounds the most promising and I think I would be a great fit for what you're looking for.. I'm a pretty capable prober and have just enough manufacturing skills to keep myself occupied during "WH downtime." I prefer small ship, solo or small gang PvP, but can pilot a respectable Drake for gang ops.. Am currently working on finishing off the skills needed to fly all Frigate hulls and then I will be finishing off the last level or two of the last couple of probing skills I need to max..
Drop me a line in game and we'll talk. Oh, and in case it matters [it usually does] I'm over 30, so you wouldn't be recruiting a kid....

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Thanx for the good words!

Regarding recruitment, the corp switch will be happening only after our W-space operations have closed and all of our stuff is in Empire. I don't have a set date yet and I have to have a good chat with the next corp's CEO and diector; it helps that they are also Montreal based :)

Anyway, feel free to send me an evemail in-game.