Friday, March 19, 2010

New beginnings

A few things have finally happened. After what seemed like an eternity even with the fact that I spent the most of the time wearing +4 implants, and therefore not flying as dangerously as I'd like, I have finally finished one of the longest skills I've had to train in my two year career. As you're reading these lines Cozmik is now finished with Battlecruiser V, and Command Ships is well under way! L4 missions, when I start to get poor enough to have to do 'em again, will be much faster paced now. That's how I'll be using the Sleipnir for starters because as per the "Fly only what you can afford to lose" rule, there is no way I can afford wasting them in PvP; the Sleipnir may be a very good ship, but as with anything in PvP, it will die. And replacing it would be ridiculously expensive for me. But who knows... maybe I'll get rich with an officer spawn or something :)

Which is now something that's not entirely impossible because while the corp HQ is still where I left it in Rens (not as expensive as you'd think), the corp has now joined an alliance. Chaos Theory Alliance to be exact. I was drafted by my co-patriot Cartboard Box who knew what I was looking for in the way I want to play EVE, which is mostly PvP, with a casual schedule, with some obligatory carebearism for relaxation and a bit of ISK. Well it seems that CTA is pretty much into exactly that. Now my stuff hasn't yet arrived at destination but I did fly in a few ships manually, but already I feel like I'm coming back home. Because for now I'm flying in that bit of space where I've flown the most in my time in EVE... Goddamnit have I missed Curse !!! There's a saying about Curse that reminds people that one does not simply walk into it, and yet it's that region of space which I know the most. It's like the stargate connections are imprinted in my brain!

But this means something is inevitable: there will be encounters with those Local-smackin' crazies bragging about the size of their penile instruments, more commonly known as the BOZOs. Sure they have a lot of newer members since I've left, but at some point I WILL have to fight my old corp mates, and I very well intend not to disappoint :) On flip side I'm sure a few of 'em would like nothing but to have a taste of my Canadian bacon, but I'll do best to disappoint them on that regard!

The irony though is that this is not the first Chaos Theory Alliance I've been a part of. A long time ago, at a time just after the massive Y2K scare/wet-firecracker, there was this sweet sweet multiplayer game called Quake III: Arena, and somewhere in Indiana a player known as Vlad The Impaler was hosting a crazy Beryllium server (and later Vladdimod, as Beryllium stopped modding and gave all their stuff to Vlad) he called Chaos Theory, filled will railing hook-monkeys. I was attracted there after following some =S4N= clan players (S4N=Stands For Nothing) whom I had just fragged to bits on another server and had commented "some clan!" in chat. The previous server was pure Instagib, no grapple, but the Chaos Theory server had one of the fastest grappling hook I had ever seen and most of the players there were masters at it. One of the =S4N= guys, DDave to be precise, had taken offense at my comment and proceded to give me one of the nastiest beatings ever. Pardon the pun, but I was hooked! I stuck around and learned the art of the Grappling Hook Monkey with clans =S4N= (which then split into Murder of Ravens and Friends of Chaos), Not My Problem (Vlad's own), The Alliance Chosen, Kill Em All (my own), Angels of Annihilation (I miss you Trinity!!!), and various other clans and players. Anyway we played Quake3 to death on that server, and at some point we were calling that bunch of clans the Chaos Theory Alliance.

And the CTA I'm in now? Well, even as I'm posting this it's still a very recent thing and there's only one guy I know well, but so far I like what I'm hearing. The group is very laid back and funny and I've received a warm welcome. Now of course I need to get my stuff that's in transit before I start going nuts in Null-sec, and dammit I intend to do so. One may not simply walk into Curse, but one may ram its doors wide open!

Fly with all knobs at 11


Edit: well, the stay in Curse didn't last too long: a whopping 2 days :) There are other things in the works so stay tuned!


Latro said...

Congratz. BC V is a long haul but Command Ships are very nice and flexible + the BC skill itself, being non-racial unlike the BS skills, is nice to have at V.

Beowolf Schaefer said...

Good luck with the new alliance bud!