Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Patch, and Tornado update

Hey there!

You're probably like me, anxiously awaiting the restart of the Tranquility server to see all its new features, its changes, and its new bugs that may creep up. Having done some testing on Singularity recently I know that the ominous Speed Nerf is entirely true. Speeds across the board have been reduced drastically, and gone are the days when cruiser-sized vessels (read Vagabond) could go as fast or even faster than regular interceptors. If you still want a speed rush do like me and fly interceptors almost exclusively, or put EVE aside for a few minutes and play the rFactor racing simulator :) But yeah, I'll miss having interceptors that go close to 8 km/s with gang bonuses on, and even faster with a Skirmish Linked command ship.

I was even denied a last Nano-fleet op yesterday. As I was starting to get myself ready to FC (preparing the roaming path and whatnot) some time around 4PM EST (2100 evetime, 5 hours before the patch), Tranquility got hit by a massive data base failure, kicking nearly 33000 players out of the game. It took about 45 minutes for the server to re-open business, but the damage had been done, and a lot of people who had already set skills in preparation for the break stayed out of the game to let CCP do its thing, and I never got the player base needed to start roaming. But we knew there were a few hostiles in the next system over camping the entrance to Curse (2 cruisers died for this info, me included) but we had just enough manpower to bust this camp. But again, bad luck strikes as the player who's to be our main bait and damage dealer got disconnected, and for some reason he never came back. If we had tried to bust the camp without him we would've failed horribly. So I called the mini-op off and we all left as there was less than an hour to go before shutdown.

I did get to do a little interceptor race with a corpmate for posterity's sake: I won the pure speed part, going 7864 m/s in my Claw, and Blackrain McMillan (our gang bonus) won the perma-speed with 7766 m/s without running out of cap. Those speeds will be missed...

In other EVE news, I am proud to announce that Cozmik R5 has now achieved the minimum Skill Points required to become a Bozo !!! HUZZAH !!! We celebrated this at our bi-weekly Montreal Pilot Meet, where we also celebrated the coming of Tech 3 modular ships. That's gonna be funky !!!

And finally a little update on my real-life clone, my tornado Leandre. Yesterday he passed his CT scan like a big boy, without having to be put to sleep. Just that helped a lot as it made things much easier for the hospital staff as well as for us. The whole thing took barely an hour. In general he's doing much better, so I think it may have had something to do with the little cold he caught just after Halloween. I'll give news of the scan when I get 'em.

So there you have it. I'll be seeing you on the other side of Quantum Rise.



Carole Pivarnik said...

Speed nerf or not, I will still love my Stiletto. Really glad to hear your youngster is doing better!

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Same here Mynxee... I think I'll buy a stack of 10 Stilettos or something ;)

And I'm sure Leandre says thanx !!!