Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Quantum Rising

And here we are, all EVE clients updated to Quantum Rise, with all its goodies and nerfs; this is officially the last time I will speak about the speed thing because I know there are way worse whiners than me, and all things considered it's not too bad as now the balance between the ships is much better. My now-slower Stiletto at not quite 5000 m/s can now spin circles around any Nano-HAC, which is how it should be. It can also survive hits from cruiser and battleship sized missiles. I haven't tried the afterburner speed-tank yet but I'll probably try it in either my Jaguar or my Wolf after I work on my Assault Ship skill. I've heard good things about assault frigs since the patch so I have to give 'em a try. Another awesome feature of Quantum Rise is the ability to stack weapons onto a single trigger button. This will be especially fun in those ships that have 5 or more of the same weapon, and reloading or switching ammo will be MUCH easier.

But as fresh as we all were with Quantum Rise, I had barely entered the game that I was X-ing up for a roaming fleet. Before we left the system, our station became the theater of many a mock battle to test the changes in speed, damage, and evasiveness that the expansion brought. We came to the realisation that though the speeds have changed a lot, the old tried-and-true setups are still very viable and have not turned ships into death traps. We then proceeded to go haunt our usual suspects but unfortunately we found little in the way of opposition. The only other gang we encountered was a mostly frigate-inty-bomber fleet backed up by two Blackbirds, which proceeded to hit the "Retreat" button when they got a look at our fleet (Drakes, Myrms, Falcons and Rapiers... oh my!). We caught some stray ships as we got deeper into Wicked Creek (if you don't know the Bozos go there, you've been hiding under a rock), namely a half-fitted Caracal (active tanked and no launchers... pure win), an armor-tanked Ishtar (who appeared to be afk) and a Hulk exhumer. We caught nothing else on the way back, and it had gotten so late that I left the fleet mid-way back home, parked the Stiletto at a deep safe and ordered its crew to hit the sack.

So all in all a good roam, if a tad quiet on the enemy's side, but we always have a total blast; we're not called Bozos for nothing! Now I have to get my stuff together and ship a few Myrmidons to my main character as he can now fly 'em half decently, so I'll be part of the big boys, unless of course we're short on tacklers. but as far as new ships go I won't be getting into anything new until a lot of my skills are buffed up. Also, my alt Demonia is getting closer and closer to being able to fit the RR Rail Megathron O Doom; as soon as her Medium Hybrid Turrets V is done, and a smidge of Sharpshooter, I'll be able to learn railgun specialization of all sizes short of capital. So I'd say around Christmas she should be able to actively rejoin the Bozos physically and take part in hopefully many a camp bust >:)

So that's it for now, second post in as many days... let's try to keep the momentum !!!

Fly dangerous ya'll


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