Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday morning video - 2012/02/04

Sorry I skipped the Friday video postage, but believe me it's not from neglect. Three days at the hospital with my youngest will do that. No worries, all is cool now and he's back home and his asthma is under control. Fuck asthma.

On the EVE front: well quite literally, the end is near. On March 15th at 0500 evetime Cozmik will go into cryosleep, and he will stay there as long as there is no way for me to make ISK while having fun. I've gone over this before so I won't bore you again. On a positive note I did finish the training of Minmatar Battleship V and I'm currently training the same for Gallente. which will finish a week and a half before The End. After that nothing will matter.

On the Skyrim front: yes, this is where I've been having ridiculous amounts of fun. It's the new drug I needed. Having plowed through the game as soon as I got it, I am now doing the quests I skipped on the first play-thru so on Cozmik mkII I played Stormcloak and finished the Dark Brotherhood line. But two mods make sure that it's always fun to run around in Skyrim even if I don't do a single quest. The first is Wars in Skyrim IV, a mod that adds tons of vibrant life all over Skyrim. You can find giants and mammoths being attacked by bandits (with hilarious results), Thalmor mages ambushing you, werewolves hunting in packs, and flocks (!) of dragons to make sure you don't get bored. And those are not the easy laughable vanilla dragons anymore because my second mod is Deadly Dragons, a mod that not only makes dragons A LOT harder to kill, but also adds a variety of them with more powers. Storm dragon that shoots lightning? Check. Black Dragon that spits acid? Check. Dracolich that summons dragon priest ghosts? Holy shit check! But it doesn't stop there because the mod also adds a lot of dropped loot from the dragons and new craftable stuff that uses that new loot. Oh and a sweet-ass retexture of the Daedric armor!

So just look at these two paragraphs and guess what has my interest...? That's right. And it's far from over because on Tuesday Bethesda is releasing the Skyrim Creation Kit, so modders while start pumping out a lot of new material, and good mods will get even better. I cannot wait to see them!

Fly where your heart wants to


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Druur Monakh said...

Fuck asthma indeed! It ruined a good part of my formative years!

But good to hear that your young one is better.