Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Old tech FTL

No, I'm not talking about the revamped EVE client with its return to the good old "ship spinning" hangar. Everything is working as intended; hell I even went to bed a lot too late! But that's my problem. My "old tech" problem isn't related to the fact that my gaming machine is now over 3.5 years old, but with the fact that posting blog entries and reading other people's blogs from work is an issue because the city of Montreal, particularly the LaSalle borrough, uses a 5-year old browser in the form of Internet Explorer 7 (yes, seven!) and slowly I'm losing access to some websites because of the browser's old age, as if having the most restrictive firewall this side of the Great Wall of China wasn't bad enough.

Therefore my lunch hour posting hobby is suffering, and I hates it. I would post stuff before I leave for work but having to get out of the house at 6AM... yeah, I'm not usually in a writing mood at this early hour. So my Wednesday of Fail post will become a Wednesday evening thing. By the way I have a couple of uber goodies to post but new killmails are always welcome so keep 'em coming, either by evemail to Cozmik R5 in-game, or to by regular e-mail.

In Dock 94 news, yesterday our pure noob Ricky Boys did the classic noob error of buying a book at the WRONG Pator Tech School, the one in Amamake! At the gate were a small gang of bored Pandemic Legion players so of course he got popped and podded. At least it's not as if he was a total virgin! And later si Gong and I did a few missions that were giving him a few headaches. He doesn't have too much problems tanking, but DPS is an issue. My Sleipnir fixes this nicely! si Gong also had the last part of a storyline L3, The Kidnappers starring Sansha's Nation. For an L3, this mission is pretty damn tough, tougher than most regular L4's even. but the reward was nice.

Aight, that's it for this morning... now I have to find a way to convince the "techs" here to get with the times. This is harder than you might think *sigh*

Fly fun



Wh Denizen said...

I got popped by the same camp yesterday with my cov ops alt heading from Amarr to the wh entrance in eddar. My fault was doing too many things at once triple boxing getting supplies through the hi sec exit. And before I could see what was happening he was waking up back in Amarr minus his implants and cov ops frigate only to have to make the same trip again where I waved at the PL as I went through anmake and this time they tried to smart bomb me as I went by lol.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Believe me, getting caught ratting in an Amamake belt is worse XD Ah, to be a noob again !!! :)