Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Now for another space game!

Hi there! Yes I live, but am busy with tons of stuff so not doing any blogging. But yes I do find a minute here and there to play games, and lately I've jumped into the Kerbal Space Program bandwagon. I think screenies will be better than a wall-O-text for now. Enjoy !!!

Jeb's first launch to orbit.

The mission controller was happy :)

Reentry effects (visual only for now).

One of the first attempts at aspargus staging, with boosters for good measure!

Booster using the Nova Punch mod.

Booster using the KW Rocketry Pack. It's my most powerful booster to date,  created for...

The Kerbol Galactic inter-planetary ship. Other mods seen here are Mechjeb 2.0.7, Chatterer and the Nucleonics engine pack. Not seen but present is Romfarer's Lazor Docking Cam.
And of course Jebediah Kerman happy as ever, flying the Nova Punch Gemini capsule.

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