Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday's Electric Lunch Hour - Aight I'm Back Edition

Filmed last spring at the John Bonham Birthday Bash event. Yes, Bonzo heir Jason was in attendance :) In fact Mr Portnoy used the correct instruments, Jason's own kit which is basically the same Ludwig/Paiste 2002 setup as his dad's.

That shitty flu is now gone, and just in time because we got hit with a -40 freeze wave. As I'm writing this temps are getting better as it is now a balmy -16C (-25 windchill factor). But on Wednesday? Oh damn. Religious type people may fear a fiery Hell, but this silly place is known as a "vacation resort" up here. If you want to go out in this ridiculousness you have to dress for it because in a bad situation, this could actually kill you! But you know what? I'll take -40 over +40 temperatures anyday of the week; sorry desert area dwellers, my wasteland is better than yours! :))

Back from being sick means more activity so see ya soon!


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