Thursday, February 16, 2012

The last 30 days

Well this is it. Less than 30 days to go on the old EVE account. And I don't even feel like doing "one last roam" or "one last mission" or anything of the sort. I did chose what will be the last skill on the queue so if I get hit on the head and do come back to buy myself a Machariel well it will be uber with Large AC Specialization V. But the chances of this happening are pretty much zip.

On the blogging front, ever since my crazy two weeks of myself being sick followed by two days spent at the hospital with my boy I've got writer's block. Hell it's taking me all my small change just to write these few lines. I prefer spending my time listening to copious amounts of music, playing my modded Skyrim, and just plain taking it easy.

I may write more at a later date but that's pretty much it for now. Sorry for the lack of updates but truly, I'm all out of words right now.

Fly safe



Letrange said...

humm, sounds like time to get back into R-factor or something.

Magson said...

That was me too. I planned to ferry my assets out of null or contract them to my corp or something, but I was so burned out I CBA to log in for even the 10 minutes it would have taken to do that.

Latro said...

1.) I hope your son is doing better.

2.) You'll be back. I just resubbed after being in the same funk for the past six months. I'm still trying to remember where my stuff was stashed and what i was doing back then. Also, boats/space are shinier now.

Take a good long break and enjoy it. Fair winds.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

@Let: rFactor2 soon... need puter upgrade but yeah, it will rock!

@Mag: Yep, it's that exact feeling!

@Latro: 1- He is. It was prolly an allergic reaction to something. Gotta find that something now. 2- This time it'll be MUCH longer, if ever. I'm too much of an action gamer and too much of EVE feels like chores. Also, we can spin the new shinies for free now XD

I will try something to write about, just in a weird funk since the hospital bullshit.