Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Wait begins

Well it's now official, my future in New Eden suddenly got clouded. Not from lack of interest. Not from lack of funds. And not because hard-headed vikings are hard-headed either. Just over a week ago an announcement was made by a little company called Piranha Games: Mechwarrior Online is in the works. Today the player name "CozmikR5" has been reserved, and now the excruciating waiting period starts. I'm pretty sure I'll have time to upgrade my machine before the game hits the shelves. In the meantime I just have to do stuff like this:

Pew-pew? No. PEW-PEW !!!
Yes, MekTek fills the gap nicely. Though I don't think that MechOnline will be as crazy on the unlimited ammo/no heat servers, and the game system hasn't been revealed yet anyway. But I strongly doubt that I'll be able to build this Uber Supernova (don't let the Mad Cat mkII image fool you). But still, I'm very excited to see the Battletech universe make a come-back to the fore-front of computer gaming, in the spot where it belongs.

So by all means, check out both the Mechwarrior Online and the MekTek websites. Mechs are awesome :)